My opinion about Matthias Sammer

  • The coming of german football legend mathias sammer would boost the morale of our team in the coming season. How do you see it ?


  • Belive it or not, he won t make a difference. Hoeneß is getting old, really old nd has no plan anymore. Dortmund is clearly the younger, fresher nd more focused team in the league. Bayern is facing huge problems, big players are comming to munich only to see the Doc nd avoid any talks with the Club. It s becoming a huge issue.


  • Sammer is definitely a good boost for the team. One thing I am sure of, is that he will make a more effective Sporting Director than Nerlinger.


  • True!

    Sammer has visions and a plan of optimizing the area of our secondary growth! That's the main part he has to solve.

    2nd is to stop this crying by players cos they have so many matches per season!

    He said: As long as I was a player I had never 3 weeks holidays in a row. So it doesn't matter what happened last year. I'm expecting that those players will be free of every nightmare about what happened in the last season. I want to have immediately success! No excuses!

    I like this way of his saying. I mean the players receive millions for that they kick against a ball. Many of us would be happy to get that money, even if you play or not!


  • Lets face it, Sammer is definitely better than Nerlinger. There is no doubt about that. But will he change our landscape dramatically? I dont think so.

    Since 2010, Nerlinger has really brought in a single worldclass star under his regime because he lacks the international exposure compared to Hoeness and lost out on many deals domestically and internationally, like Vidal and Reus domestically and Dzeko internationally. Beside, he probably needs to pay for his arrogance in believing a small squad in 2011 can achieve many, even during winter period when we could have easily boosted our squad by 1-2 new players and could seriously achieve the greatest!

    To me, Sammer has a few objections: 1). Re-construct our youth team(s) as we have been lacking compared to our counterparts domestically and internationally; 2). Attract worldclass players like we used to be; 3). Better define our sports objectives for short term and long term


  • From the way things are going i,m optimistic that fc bayern wil made it this coming season. How do you see it ?


  • With Sammer on board, Bayern is definitely on his way up, but dont forget that Sammer isnt the one who is playing on the field, we need the right players to challenge titles. Sammer tried to install the winning menality back to the team, but we need a few more quality players to challenge three fronts and thats how I see it