Introducing a Finnish fan... :)

  • Hi all,

    I'm a Finnish female fan that has recently found her way to this great fan site! :) I love football but also sports in general and good music of course too! When talking about football, my heart is beating naturally the most for FC Bayern. ;-) But I find also Vfl Bochum worth supporting in Bundesliga 2. ;-)

    It'd be great to find some new friends here. :)

    Und mit mir könnt ihr auch auf Deutsch reden. Ich versteh nicht nur Englisch... ;)

    Greetings from Finland! / Liebe Grüße aus Finnland! :)


  • hello dear Merja, I'm a Bayern Fan, from the province of Catania, and in Serie A (Italy) Typhoid AC Milan, and not only that, I like anchea other sports, I follow the All Blacks in rugby, NBA, and even a little volleyball, and those who speak of Celtic culture, like me, add me as a friend ........ and after this I have nothing more to write. Then it's up to you to discover me, hello to all ;-)