Schweini video...

  • Ciao everybody! I've just seen Schweini video in Doha . Here is someone who can please tell me what he says as I don't speak German at all?:8


  • Ciao ... :)

    Nothing really important. First at all he wishes Uli Hoeness a happy birthday. He is sure that Uli looks FCB.TV so he can see this congratulations.

    Than the reporter asked about his opinion about Matthias Sammer. Of course Schweini has the best opinion of MS - and it is very important and positive for FCB that he comes to Munich. He brings new ideas ... and so on .

    Than Schweini talks about the fans in Doha and how impressive and enthusiastic they are. At least he spokes about his position as vice captain of FCB. He is happy about that and he is glad to integrate young new players in the team, as well he is happy to play side by side with Martinez.

    Short - but enough ...:)