Tickets ?

  • Hi,

    I want to do a ticket "Anfrage" But realy I dont know how it´s works....
    I know howe to do the "Anfrage", but if I get tickets will they take money from account immediately ?

    We want to see a game, with our fanclub "FC Bayern Schweden fans"
    But it is not so easy to plan a trip like this....

    Perhaps someone can give me some good info :)


  • Hi, i saw your post already yesterday , but unfortunately i can't give you any answers ... i think they will take the money from the acoount as soon as you get the tickets but i'm not sure. if no one can help you i will let you know as soon as my 'anfrage" is in the works and i could figure this all out. I'm sorry i'm not able to help anymore... hope you can plan this trip and get your tickets.. Welcome here:D

  • Hi, thanks ! :)
    Yes please, let me know when you know any new, about this !
    Are you living in Germany ?

    Perhaps you just must buy the tickets, and then fix the rest there after......
    I was thinking about to try and get tickets for Werder Bremen or Hoffenheim in 2014.


  • No, they won´t charge you at once.

    You can apply for tickets via "Anfrage", that´s right.

    If you are lucky enough to be selected you will get a confirmation email. Only then you will be charged. If not you will get an email with a rejection of your "Anfrage".

    There is no such thing as immediate charging and then refunding in case you are unlucky and don´t get tickets.

    Bayern ticketing office is very reliable.


  • Thanks for the info cl_2013 !
    Do you know how long you have to decide, if you want the tickets or not ?
    Or do you mean that they will charge me immediately, when I got OK ?


  • I always pay by credit card with the amount due at the end of the month so actually I don't know.

    Also I'm not sure about cancellation policies. Why not give them a call? There should be someone around speaking English. Or ask by mail.



  • Hi, yes i'm from germany :D and i think cl2013 is right you should try and give the ticketcenter a call. i'm not sure about cancellations either after you get the ok... but the oks doesn't come all at once... so if you get the ok for one 'Anfrage' you should be able to cancel the still open ones:)

  • Please have a look at the

    General Terms & Conditions

    of FC Bayern Ticketing.

    In my opinion the allocation of the ordered tickets will be managed at least 6 weeks before the matchday. Till this point you have chance to cancel your order.

    If you really get allocation of some tickets, FC Bayern will debit your credit card soon. Then you have no chance to cancel the deal.

  • Hi,
    thanks for all info :)

    I have tried to e-mail them severel times, but I do not get any respond :(
    Perhaps I shall try to call them.... I speek some German but not so "fliessend" ;)

    I dont think it is so common to cancell a ticket, only an ***** does it :)

    But in our case, we have also to find a flight, hotel etc.
    So it would be good to have some days to check this kind of things, before you say OK to the match tickets.