The Test

  • This weekend's the Telekom Cup, this really going to be the first stun test Guardiola faces. Watch this space!

    Then come next week, it will be barca & shortly after bvb !!!


  • The team's looking good, Bayern steamrolled hsv & borussia.

    Funny how well Lahm played in midfield against borussia, & who can forget Alcantara's classy performance!


  • bvb taught Bayern a lesson, which will have to be learnt as soon as possible, it's not bad that we lost to bvb now when the serious games are yet to start.

    Am sure Pep will rectify a lot of things as soon as possible!



  • did any one notice how Martinez was exposed by negredo for man. city's 1st goal ?

    Martinez definitely does not fit in center back, he is much better as a holding midfield!