What did you guys think about the Super Cup?

  • It was an intense game and Bayern deserved that trophey but what did you think of their performance.
    I belive that this was their best performance since Pep came to Bayern.
    But in comparison to Jupp's Bayern they were still not good enough :|
    Opinions ?


  • The second half was very good, but we had big problems in the defence all the time. The game looked a bit like the CL-Final 2012 in Munich. And it was great, that this time wo shot a time in the last minute.
    That's football. :D

    Schweinsteiger, Thiago, Martinez (who isn't really fit) and Götze (who isn't really fit too)...they all can't be replaced in our team.

    In the beginning of Jupp Heynckes, we hat problems too. With time it will be better.