I'm soooo sad for Manuel!

  • All this was just a shambles, Manuel deserved that Title, ronaldo won the CL & as par Manuel, he has the World Cup!

    Really I am sick of all this ronaldo - messi thing!


  • You're right! Yesterday I had a great discussion with a member of Bayern Fan page on FB here in Italia, because he said that Ronaldo deserved to win, because he made 17 goals in CL.What's the matter? Obviously Manuel can't make 17 goals, 'cause he's a goalkeeper!


  • Ronaldo wouldn't have scored 17 goals without the rest of the team. They had to work for him, they had to run more. Ronaldo is an excellent player but egomaniac. He's no team player at all. Has anybody seen him acclaiming a goal scored by another player but him? The wrong player won that title!