Pep must leave now!

  • Pep ruined Bayern by several things in the last couple seasons as:

    - bringing a Spanish contingent for trying to change the pure bayern playing-style, and I feel that the club is on the way to lose it's identity.
    - giving up and release good talented players as Luiz Gustavo, Xherdan Shaqiri.
    - Guardiola's way of playing which exhausts the players
    - after the 3-1 Champions League defeat to Porto. If anyone other than the players themselves is responsible, then it is the head coach.

    I'm a Bayern fan since I was 12 years old and It's the first time to feel that the club is changing to the worse, for the mentioned reasons above, I think Guardiola is not the right coach for our club!
    so, Pep OUT NOW!


  • Wow.
    Pep should go. And one reason is Shaqiri? Wow.
    If you are older than 40 years try to remember times as 1991-92 when the club ended on the 10th place with lots of injured players.Horrible kind of playing football.

    Do you think it over?

    Greetings to wherever you are.


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