• Schöner Artikel von Gnabry im "The Athletic"



    Again, this is a moment in the story when we have to pause. Because if I say, “Playing for Bayern, it’s a dream come true,” then you don’t really understand what I mean. It’s a lot deeper than that. I remember when I was 9, we used to travel to Dortmund and Munich for these big tournaments, and one day we were playing a match against the Bayern youth team. They walked out in those red kits and we were all staring in awe, like, Whoa. That’s the dopest thing I’ve ever seen. One day, man. One day. I’m going to be wearing that kit.

    The next year, I was coming home from a tournament with my dad when he told me — completely stone-faced — that a coach from Bayern was talking to him, asking if I would join them. I remember I was eating my little fruits that my mum had packed for me, and before I could even get out a word, he said, “But you’re staying here with your parents. We’re not moving to Munich. You’re 10.”

    I was crying all the way home. Gutted. Gutted.

    So to be able to wear that red Bayern kit now, for real … it’s amazing. But remember, it’s not just me. I came up playing on youth teams with my boys Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, and Nicklas Süle. On top of that guys like David Alaba who really became a close friend. So sometimes when things are hard, and I need some motivation, I literally look around at those guys in the dressing room, and I think to myself, “Do you realize that you’re playing for the Bayern first team? You and your boys … you’re all really here. Do you actually realize it? S***, this is crazy.”

    We all took different paths. But we all got to the other side of the corridor.



  • Ein klasse Typ, dem man so eine Geschichte auch gerne glaubt.

    Man kann nur hoffen, dass er seine Verletzungsanfälligkeit dauerhaft zumindest halbwegs abgelegt hat.

    An ihm werden wir noch richtig viel Spaß haben.

    Für mich aktuell klar die Nr.1 auf den Flügeln.