Can Bayern finally win the Champions League this year(17/18)?

  • Semifinalists are: Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen,Roma and Liverpool.
    We still do not know how will they be paired between each other but I want to know your opinion guys :?:

    1) ROMA
    Roma should be the easiest draw for us :) . Yes they did good in the group stages,yes they made the biggest suprise of the season against Barca. BUT I think that Barcelona just didn't take the game seriously. Roma do play nice football and play like a team but so does Bayern. Only diference is Bayern players are all world class and + with Jupp back in wheel this should be an easy game(easier then Sevilla at least). I respect Roma but I think there is not much to be talked about in this draw. Bayern is simply better with players and I think managerr too. :thumbsup:

    Ahhh the team that gave me the most headache of any other team in the past decade. The 5:0 hammering in 2014(even tho back then they deserved this win :( ) and the 6:3 beating last year(this still makes my blood boil :cursing: ). I am honestly afraid from Real Madrid. Last year I was really confident Bayern would win but in the end I was disapinted with the final score 6:3 for Madrid. After this game I don't even know what to think ?(
    Madrid is a world class club.Midfield is probably best in world,strong attack,solid defense(even tho without Ramos its like an open highway),Zidane is average at best if you ask me.
    When I sum everything up Madrid is a strong club and Bayern can definetly beat them but recently I feel like Madrid is a black cat for Bayern. Honestly the only thing that gives me hope is Jupp.
    IF anyone wants to elaborate more about Real Madrid I would love to hear what the rest of you think why they have the edge in the past few years.


    Klopp we meet again lol :D . But seriously the man took an average team and made it a CL semifinalist. For me they have an outstanding coach in Klopp and the best attack of any other remaining team. On a good day Liverpool is very dangerous like Dortmund used to be before 2013 for us.
    But under Jupp our defense is pretty good and stable. Bayern will just defend good and wait for Liverpool to make a mistake then fast counter and score goals. :thumbup: This game could end both ways but I think overall Bayern have the edge over Livepool. Expecialy since Klopp and Jupp know each other really well. Also that being said I hope we avoid Liverpool before the final. I honestly think they will be very unpleasent over 2 legs.

    Anyways I think I said all I wanted to say. For the semifinals I hope we draw Roma or Real. And Liverpool for the final.


  • Hohoho Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen !!! 8o

    This is gonna be intense 2 games. What are your prediction guys ? ?(?(?(

    My humble prediction: Bayern will win 3:1 in it's own field and lose 2:1 in the Bernabeu. Bayern 4:3 Real on aggregate.
    Here is why: The Jupp effect. He simply brings back the old magic that made us champions. All the players trust him completly,he motivates each player to give it all he has,he has the right tactic to stop Madrid. Our defense is not perfect but much better then in Pep or Ancheloti era. We make more shoots on goal on average. If Ramos plays I believe this will be the result. But if Ramos doesnt play then it will be an even higher victory for us :D:D:D
    Bayern has a strong midfield and attack(even tho the attack wasnt good against Sevilla). Defense is now stable and good enough to defend against Madrid and patiently wait for Madrid errors and do fast counter attack.
    I think we can do it MIA SAN MIA! :thumbsup:

    Feel free to comment ;)


  • It is a shame Bayern Munich couldn't win because they didn't deserve to lose against Real Madrid they got unlucky Muller should have scored two or three goals that he didn't and they were supposed to be two penalties to Bayern Munich they should have been in the finals but hopefully this time Bayern Munich will win the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and they are the favourites to win the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE so surely they will;);) do you agree with me?