Bayern Munich vs Chelsea 2nd leg of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE prediction and current form


    Bayern Munich's current form: Bayern Munich have been in great form, they haven't lost a single game this Calender year so far in all competitions, and have only one draw in all competitions which no team has done better not PSG, Juventus, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Man. City, Barcelona, Dortmund, and they have been beating the teams easily and been getting great results they are just brilliant, and they won the Bundesliga, and DFB Pokal Cup easily this year which proves who magnificent they are this year, which is why they are the best in the world, and the to win UCL over all the big teams so they are the best team in the world, this year is Bayern Munich's year.

    Chelsea's current form: Chelsea have been in poor form. They lost to Sheffield United 3-0, when they should have lost 5-0, they got lucky against Crystal Palace a team becoming 12th and should have lost, they didn't deserve to win against Watford 3-0 it should have been 3-1 or 2, a team fighting for relegation and they lost against West Ham 3-2 and West Ham is fighting for relegation and they even had a dissalowed goal. They have been in poor form and have 5 loses and 4 draws this year in all competitions. They are not in good shape and have performed borribly against average or weak teams.

    Game Prediction: If Bayern Munich and Chelsea keep their form, I predict a confortable 5-0 to Bayern Munich, as Bayern Munich are the best team in the world, and Chelsea are in horrible form. Bayern Munich beat them Chelsea 3-0 in their homeground, when Chelsea was in much better form than now and are going to play in Bayern Munich's homeground, reply and give a thumbs up :thumbup: if you agree with me.