There is a serious problem with David Alaba

  • There is really something wrong with David Alaba, should he go right now???

    There is really something wrong with David Alaba, he has been horrible recently, he has been making lots of mistakes and was horrible in Bayern Munich's dramatic 2-1 over Bayer Leverkusen today...... there is really a problem with David you guys think he should go right now??????...........

  • Alaba has never been the most suitable player to roam the midfield in our set of tactics, but I honestly think his time as a center back has helped him quite a bit.

    His vision, build-up, and positioning have improved remarkably over the last months, he’s just never been able to profit from that development due to his bad form.

    Yesterday, however, he had some trouble finding his way into the game, but with Kimmich at his side he delivered a more than solid game. Definitely one of his best this season, if not the whole year. Commitment, dedication and improved form - it was all there, even if it wasn’t perfect.