Schalke- Bayern

  • First 30 min, same like always and with some luck is it not 1-0. Danke Manu.

    Again defence.

    Gnabry and Sane where weak, even Davies is already the last 2-3 games not so good.

    2nd half whas better.

    Super happy whe won and take some more points away from the rest.


  • Well what can we say, we depend a lot on Neuer who was flawless today, I would give him 10/10, Gnabry is not in form, Sane is getting used to his new club and Davies is recovering from his return from injury, the most important thing is we are 7 points clear above 2nd place, RB Leipzig and we have a good chance of winning FIFA Club World Cup, we have two more games until that, but have to say Muller and Kimmich were outstanding today, best players on the pitch, Lewy and Neuer too, Alaba was great today, much better then Pavard, Davies and Boateng, they didn't defend well today and we were great overall, and the defense is improving but still has a lot of work for improvement, but we have restored stability and we are gradually getting there :).

    What is your opinion, please reply.

    Greetings from Australia.