Frankfurt- FC Bayern

  • Well, what can we do, every team loses and this is our 4th defeat in all competitions, in the first half Frankfurt dominated. In the second half Bayern dominated, we need to make sure not to fall behind in the first half and Sule, Choupo Moting, Sarr needs to get sold they just aren't Bayern level, plus Sule is too slow, and couldn't keep on with the Frankfurt's player pace who scored the second goal, but second half we were great unlike first, it turns out Bayern really is Thomas Muller FC. We depend too much on him and I feel we need him, plus we need to hit first instead of falling behind and turning back into the best team in the world in the second half. Another problem is our injuries or players out for COVID-19 in the past months, Goretzka, Gnabry, Muller, Tolisso, Kimmich, Davies, etc.

    What's your opinion

    Greetings from Australia

  • After this game. Ate you a lot of chocolate? I heard Belgian chocolate are awesome.

    Das ganze Stadion wird gegen uns sein bis auf die Bayernfans wird ganz Deutschland gegen uns sein, was Schöneres gibt es nicht!