FC Bayern- Psg

  • On my opinion, whe where the better team, but whe didn used or opportunities.

    So many chances....if whe score 1/3 of or chances, whe never talk about a re- match.

    Whe need to play next week, like whe have played last evening, and score from the opportunities whe get.

    Common FC BAYERN


  • The absence of Robert Lewandowski missed, we wasted so many chances. The mistake by Neuer on the first goal was awful, and the positioning of Boateng for the last goal was awful, but we can still do a comeback, and PSG play way better away from home than in-home so the tie is not over yet, but we have to play our team b vs Union Berlin so that the players recover, and then play our full team vs PSG second leg, hopefully, we go with the same mindset and win the tie and go into the semis. It is unlikely that will happen because we don't have the best striker in the world to destroy PSG, but we have to give it all we can.

    Greetings from Australia.


  • Hi m8,

    I really hope to, but I think the chance that we beat psg with 2 goals difference is small.

    Also, because whe have so many players that are injured and so not can play tuesday.

    The game against Union, whas dissapointed to, but if you have so many players that are injured, you have no other choice of playing with players from the second team.

    Whe have taken 3 golden points in Leipzig and given away at home 2 points against Union...Damn.

    Lets hope for tuesday.

    Greetings from Belgium


  • We can actually make it 3-2 and take it to extra time.