Mainz- FC Bayern

  • Yes, indeed this might have been the worst match of the season.

    But I'd rather call it "tribute mode" or "payday". :/

    It's obvious our team is too small (or simply all other players aside from the first let's say top 15 are not good enough, however you want to look at).

    In the past few weeks there was no chance to give the important players like Kimmich, Müller, Sané etc. a sufficient rest and they were obviously already tired during the recent 2-3 games making mistakes usually they would not do.

    Combine this with the fact that Neuer, Alaba, Boateng, Coman and Goretzka indeed did have a bad day unfortunately in the same game yesterday, and

    add to this the fact that it is almost sure we will win the Bundesliga this year = players come out of the cabin thinking "ahh, no problem, work is almost done, 99% we are already the BuLi 20/21 Champions, if not today then next week...".

    and you get as a result exactly what you could see yesterday.

    Well, I hope that this yesterday was a warning. Still I'm sure that of course this year we will make it (for the 9th time in a row :thumbsup: = earning our 5th star on the shirt :thumbup:).

    Depending on how motivated Leipzig is we might win the Bundesliga today (sitting on the couch).