FC Bayern- Stuttgart

  • Just need to copy my text from last bundesliga spiel......

    Boeeeehoeee again, what whas that?

    Maybe replace 7 or 8 players to start?

    Why not start with your full team and when whe are winning 2 or 3-0, change then players in the second half.

    Och it is just my idea.

    Loosing 6 points in 3 games where whe play 2 times at home. Against Gladbach...ok, but common, the matches in Union and today....this is not Bayern.

    This way of playing tuesday....Game over!

    Very weak Bayern. Loosing points at home against a team that only have 5 points in 6 matches.

    I am very dissapointed.

    Fasten seatbelts for tuesday!