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    Me too, occasionaly twice a month, but with this slow dispatch rate I can make only one per month.
    The other irritating thing is that they don't answer email... Or they answer after two-three months. But mostly - never.

    Hallo there FCB fans!
    Do you have some troubles with fanshop service lately? I do.
    After we won the CL the fanshop shipping become very slow. I made 6 order since then and only two of them were shipped in time. My last order (the new FCB home shirt) came to me nearly a month after I ordered it - from 12.08.2013 to 03.09.2013. There is no problem with DHL, the order stay more the two weeks with status "in Bearbeitung" (items were available all the time).
    Four days ago I made a new order for other thing, but it is still not shipped. I know that they are very busy with many orders from all over the world, but if they have so much work, the club should hire more people to deal with it.
    So I think, the fanshop should have some rules in how many time they must ship an order.