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    Habe bisher immer nur Online Anfragen gehabt und wollte dieses Mal mein Glück mit einer Post-Anfrage versuchen. ;-)

    Wisst ihr, ob man bei einer schriftlichen Anfrage die Zu-/Absage dann auch per Brief bekommt? Die Bestätigung kam per Brief, obwohl ich eine email Adresse angegeben hatte.

    Das würde das Warten ja noch erheblich verlängern.. :D

    I think losers is too hard. You're not that bad. There's still some hope, Leverkusen will get on the right way.

    Master thesis sounds good, you moved to Athens for that? So you want to stay in Greece or maybe move to Germany? Maybe in Wuppertal? :p

    I'll stay in Germany, because it doesn't make many sense for my studies to go abroad. Since I chose to study german tax laws. But I hope to be able to work abroad some time, I finished university. That'd be awesome.

    You definetly should look more often! We all should. ;-)

    What's wrong with Leverkusen? They were a lot better last season. I was really hoping they would win the Meisterschaft instead of stupid Dortmund. 8-)

    I'm still studying, just writing my Bachelor thesis. But I'll continue with the Master, so there's no light in the tunnle yet. ;-)
    What about you? Finished universtiy? Planning to leave Greece?

    I agree to Julie, that we really should meet in the Chat again! Maybe somebody puts up a date that's not to soon, so everybodys able to check the forum in between?

    Will be so nice to see everybody again!

    Ages is really nicely said! It must be centuries... How was Liverpool? Met some nice people?

    I'm really barely online cause of studying (not partying!). :(

    Wow, everybody's having babies!

    Congratulations Rosmi and Tani! Sorry, I'm so late. But yet they're not adults, so I think it's still fine to congratulate. :-)

    What about planing a date to all meet in the "chat" again? I know people are not looking regularly here (especially me), but would be nice to talk to all of you again.

    Many hugs and greetings,

    Thank you so much!

    I barely forgot this forum thing, but I'm so busy lately with my studies.

    Wow, Julie you're seriously moving to Finland? That's really cool. Where there exactly will you live? And is Jo joining you?

    Congratulations Rosmi! I wish you and your wife all the best. :) Now I just wait for pics!

    Tani, I just saw your pictures.. you are such a nice couple!! Looks like you had a cool wedding! Of course I wish you two all the best ,too!


    Yes, already 19! And my birthday is April 10th, almost had it Tani. :D

    So now I just can't wait to see some of your weddings pictures! Where are they? :)

    Being a 19 year old girl (yes, Ros, the age you always dreamt of ;)) I can just say... why do you all marry? :D

    Congratulations for Tani though. Hope you'll be happy with her!

    Ros wedding will be soon, so I can't wait to see some pictures of it! :8

    And I thought it was all about Rosmi and not all about football here. :D

    Anyway, nice to meet you chrisco. I'm turning 19 in a few days, too. ;-) And I think that having a lot of luck can't be bad, can it? :8

    Everything! :P
    But how about place of living, age and gender for the beginning? :8

    Thanks, I guess I can need every luck on earth. :-O

    "Someone who jumped into this conversation without asking", is still quite imprecisly to expect an answer. :D

    And it's just 4 days school left for me. But there'll be exams the week after, so you're right with your calculation. :P