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    Ros!! Of course I am coming to Malaysia, and I am taking the whole bunch of chatters with me such as Zoi and Julie! We'll all be yelling "FC BAYERN" at your wedding, and your family will think you have very funny friends all over the world! :8

    And then you will visit all of us for our coming weddings! But that'll probably take some years. Julie will be the next to marry!! ;-)

    *juliehugs* Everybody is disapearing... like I know very well Zoi is somewhere here... :D
    And yeah I'm talking to Car a lot lately, too. She told me to greet you, Ros! I think she had some private trouble, so that she got "lost". But maybe she'll come to the forum, too. It would be nice to see more "regular posting" here. :)

    I'm actually busy with my school. But I'll finish school forever in 8 weeks, I just can't wait. :D
    So I would have time to fly to Malaysa to be at some special wedding..... :8

    MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 from me too! My pc was damaged, so I had no chance to write earlier. :-[

    Ros wants to marry?? I hope we are invited :8

    I was in holidays again last week, that's why I didn't post. :P

    Julie, I don't want to talk bad about people who are not posting here to defend themselves, but I am pretty sure that Car is simply blocking each of us. She's online a lot, I have friend whose friend she is but doesn't know that he is my friend... :S
    So yeah. That much to Car.

    And I want a mail from Rosmi too!! Won't he be in holidays with his parents again in November or something? He promised to come online then! I can't wait. :D

    And I'm sure I haven't talked to Heddy for years. Is he still using his Msn account?

    Everybody gone? :D

    Zoi, I'm really in love with La Bum. The more I listen to it the more I like it. Do you know the new Ärtze song? "Junge"? Pretty nice one, too. I'm really on a german wave lately. Sportfreunde, Ärzte, Juli :-[ , ...

    Btw did Amnesiaman talk to you again? Cause I rethought about it, and I think I'd rather give him the "ultimatum" myself.

    I think it's a top 10 only, cause I think the "Legenden" Song is a bit too slow and it's too late for Worldcup songs. Top 5 mh

    Der Titel vom nächsten Kapitel
    (tu nur das) was dein Herz dir sagt
    Ohne deine Liebe
    In unmittelbarer Ferne
    Anders als auf Ansichtskarten

    But I love them all. :D :8

    Mone is 22 already? She used to be 19. But that's a long time ago...

    Where did you find that pic? :D I just remember him as being extremely blonde. And the only blonde is the right on there in the first line. But doesn't look like Fil, does it? :-S

    Can't say for Car, she acts a lot younger than she probably is. ;-)

    I'm always so confused about ages. Wasn't he 11 or something close to that? Maybe 13? He'd be 16 right now?
    I just remember this cute pic of him where he was with his football team. :D And he looked young in that one.

    But thinking of it, I'm really bad with ages. No idea how old Mone or Car are right now. Really.
    I think I just know Kyle's age. :8

    Well, that's not the only thing I hate though, you know what I mean...

    I'm probably buying the album next week, I listened to most of the songs on amazon and I liked them so far. They're closer to the old albums. Burli and So wie einst Real Madrid. :D
    Do you still have contacts to good old Sfs Fan Fil? Wasn't it him who got you into it? I wonder if he's still as cute as he used to be. He must be quite old now. :-S

    Did you already move then? You're so lucky, having your own cool flat thing. I just can't wait until next summer...

    Yeah, I can't say I like the lil kids, but I'd like to teacher older students. But I probably wouldn't mind the lil kids. Well I don't know what to become, yet. I hate decisions. 8-)

    Rammstein is Rammstein.... I don't like them. But I prefer them to Billy. Of course... who wouldn't. :-O

    Nah I didn't really decide. The closer it gets to take a final decision the more I am confused. Lately, I'm thinking about becoming a teacher. :-O

    And what about your moving? Found anything nice yet?

    Haha well vacations is vacations, but I'll probably talk like you next year. When I also have stupid uni vacations... :x

    That's freaky isn't it? I mean what good thing did Tokio Hotel do? Those kids are just annoying, and they're even not played in Germany anymore, because most people over 14 simply hate them. But Rammstein isn't played either, so maybe that's the point. Or because so many freaky german kids go to Greece and want to listen to them? :x

    All in all, what the hell is Tokio Hotel doing in Greece?!

    Oh and I will not blame you. I guess I like it anyway. :D

    Like Burli then? I really loved that one. But if you like it, I'm gonna buy it. I read that it's close to the old ones. So it must be good anyways.

    You have vacations all summer, don't complain. :P

    Coming for a Sfs Concert? :D
    Do you like the new album? I was thinking to buy it, but I didn't yet. Since I can't really say I like the "Alles Roger". :-S

    I am probably going somewhere again, yeah. Need to get away from stupid school. ;-)