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    Well, maybe they aren't the sense of life. But imagine you'd have to live your life without any holiday. I doubt you would like it. ;-)

    I guess I am going to move to Finland then. :D
    But Germany also has 34 holidays, according to that chart. I think that's pretty nice!

    But why don't Americans have any holidays? What about the Independence Day? I thought that's very big over there. And of course what about Christmas? You can't tell me you all actually have to work on Christmas! :-O

    @Tani, haven't seen that one before. But I like it. :P

    @Julie, why don't you have any vacation this year? I thought you live in the country where all our dreams come true. ;-)
    But not having any vacations is really hard. *hugs*

    Damn me, I really should have talked to you about that Tallinn visit BEFORE my trip, Rando.
    (But I didn't see you online in Msn anyway, so that may count as an excuse! :P )

    That Kiek in de Kök thing was just so funny, in fact it sounds a little dutch. I think my parents told me about that kitchen thing. And yeah we've been to that Townhall thing. Too bad we didn't have any estonian money though, cause otherwise we would have went in there. (Btw, you should really tell those Townhall guys, they should accept Euro. I know so many people who would have went in, if it wasn't just Estonian money...)

    And yeah I must admit, I just read about that Castle. But it looks very pretty. I guess that will make me visit Tallinn once more. :)

    I liked that huge church on some hill. And all of those cute, little, old streets. Oh and we've seen that Memorial for the "Estonia" ship. I've even heard about that before, probably seen it in Tv.… That's what I meant with wollen socks. :D

    @Julie, yeah Tallinn is absolutely worth a journey!! And I loved the mooses there. :D

    Yeah, I was in Helsinki, too. But just came to the thought of Rammy now you mention it. :D

    Does he still live there? I guess you visited Helsinki? Very cute city, I like the fact they rebuild the city as if it was "old".

    I guess I went to Old Town, too. Castles and things like that.

    I can't say about that Park. Is it in the old town? You see, I was on a cruise through the Eastern Sea, and we made a stop in Tallinn. So we went to the town from the Harbour, without any tourguide. But now I'm afraid I can't really say what I've seen or not. :P
    Except for that "Kiek in de Kök" thing, cause I really had a laugh about that name. :D

    Kadriorg may be the "Katharinental", at least that's what I think, what I read about a castle. Too bad I don't speak any estonian.

    Very cute city though. Maybe I've met you accidentally!!! :8

    I looked for it in whole Tallinn!! All I saw was shops for blankets and wollen socks! :P

    But no chinese chicken... :(
    I would have called you if I had your number. But I wasn't sure myself whether you still live in Tallinn or if you don't. Very pretty city, although there was no chinese chicken. ;-)

    I'm here! :D

    I've been in holidays the last two weeks though! Visited the Chinese Chicken in Estonia! (I didn't see any, Rando? Is that your fault? :P )

    Hope all of you are fine!! *rehug* and continue posting!!! ;-)

    Well, I don't mind if you kill bacteria. :P

    School'll be over soon, thank god. Did you know that I'm going to work in Köln for 3 weeks? Guess that'll be fun. At least I hope so hehe.. and then finally my so deserved holidays!

    I'll go to Roma for a week in September with my class. :D

    What about you? Coming to Germany in summer?


    I'm so sure that this thread isn't just there for nonsense. There must be a very good reason!! And if it's just for you and me doing smalltalk and complaining about the few people who write here! :P

    LA, really? Visiting your 'friend' there? Or do you want to take part in the OC? :P

    Feels like Californian Sun here though... good that I won't go to Greece this summer. :8

    Hope to see you online soon.