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    In 2009 when Dad brought home a computer game and managed Bayern there. I was so interested that became a fan of it. The years passed and I learnt more about them... Oh, total drama XD How epic that sounds)) And I was even more impressed after Euro 2012 'cause many Bayern players took part in it.:)

    My name's Olexandra, just Alya or Sandra for friends) I'm 14 and I live in Ukraine. I've been a Bayern since 2009 when my father brought a FIFA computer game home XD (I did not really like football before that). My favourite player is Philipp Lahm and I was really disappointed when I fell ill and couldn't watch the match in Lviv (Euro 2012 Germany VS Denmark) because my favourite Bayern player's the captain of national team (he's so awesome!!) Oh, maybe that's all. Go, Bayern!
    P.S. Lahm's so cool <3