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    I'm absolutely devastated for the club, the fans and especially the players, Schweini in particular. We deserved so, so much more and can only put matters down to pure luck ............Chelsea have way more luck than any other club I can recall from the Napoli game on wards.

    Supporters support fans blow air

    Mia San Mia

    No point in being bitter or looking to blame any individual player. We not Chelsea had huge expectancy and pressure on us to win this game, the players were bound to be nervous. Gomez's goal tally speaks for it's self and as frustrating as he can be when he tries to complicate things he can still be a potent threat.

    Supporters support fans blow air ;)

    Absolutely devastated after Saturday in a match I thought the players did the club and all of us proud. We played exceptionally well and made Chelsea look poor. I am just so fed up with teams like Inter, Chelsea playing this anti-football crap. I for one have never ever seen one team have so much luck from the group stage onwards. They didn't deserve to beat Napoli, Benfica and certainly not Barca or us. I feel this is a hurtful defeat for us and a negative defeat for football. Chelsea with their billions buying success and even at that had to "park the bus" for 120 mins and feed of nothing other than luck. Any other night, any other game we would have smashed them 4 or 5-0.

    It saddens me that Chelsea had so, so much luck ..............nothing else, just pure luck.

    I feel bad the the fans, the club and especially the players .........Scwheini in particular.

    I still feel absolutely devastated

    Has Robben had a bit of a falling out with Bayern / Heynckes ?
    The commentators had made comment about some issue that's why he wasn't brought on ?

    Do you reckon that's possibly due to him not discussing his contract extension right now ?

    Ye., Gomez does have you annoyed before scoring with his lack of in put, work, missing chances but then he'll grab that all important goa, somehow ;-)

    I can't understand how Lahm is our weakest link defensivly ???

    Lahm is a fantastic left back, one of the best around. Our main defensive weakness is Van Buyten. His positioning is poor & he is too clumbersome to react to small fast players. His starting position causes the rerst of teh defensive unit to become unorganised and react to certain issues rather than work as an overall unit which we far better with Rafinhia, Boetang, Badstubber & Lahm, without Van Buyten.

    He has been the cause of many defensive issues over the years and doesn't seem to learn and see that when Gustavo told him that he was none too happy after the Napoli game.

    I like Van Buyten, I just wish he would be far more disciplined in his positioning which would make him a far, far better player. I've always thought he had great potential as a CB but just doesn't seem to learn to stay disciplined in his positioning. Napoli's second goal was a prime example of that, Milito in the final in Madrid just to name two from many.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the Hanover game. There were 3 things that caused that defeat that frankly couldn't have been prevented on the day. It was just one of those days that didn't work out.

    1. It wasn't a penalty
    2. It wasn't a sending off
    3. lucky, lucky deflection

    I was still impressed how we played with 10 men there after.

    The first time we have show true frailties were the second half against Napoli when we seamed to take teh foot of the gas and our poor starting positions, namely Van Buyten which then caused the rest to react rather than defend as a unit, leaked "through balls", chances & goals that we should never have lost.

    A top centre back would be ideal along with an additional striker. I just hope Heynkes & Nerlinger see what we do in that area.

    I feel this year out best defence has been Rafinhia , Boetang, Badstubber & Lahm. More pace, strength and positional sense and overall works far better as a unit.

    Hummels would be just the ticket to sure that up even more.

    I do like Van Buyten, I just dont think he learns and makes things more difficult for him self and his defensive team mates by really poor starting positions that teams will just slide a pass through gaps left which then has our defense scrambling and making further mistakes. Van Buyten unfortunatly has been the catalyst for these issues for a while and doesn't seem to learn.

    I feel it's Van Buyten's psotioning that causes Badstubber to make rash decision based on panic rather than remain organised and compact. When Boatang plays beside Badsttubber there is not the same fraghile feel to our defense.

    I don't dislike Van Buyten but just sometimes I feel his starting position is poor (last night was a prime example for Napoloi's second goal). That striker should not be winning that ball end of !!

    Badstubber is still young and hopefully with more experience will adapt and improve his own positioning

    I agree Khedira would be a good signing, God even Ozil if we could some how prise him away from Madrid, pretty unrealistic I would think.

    Reus looks good.....just hope he doesn't turn in to another Baumjohan or Podolski

    I def wouldn't want Tevez to join us. He causes trouble where ever he goes and in general just isn't worth the hassle. We do need an additional striker as without Gomez we have nobody which is a concern.

    I feel Van Buyten looks quite awkward and Badstubber has good and bad games. Hummels would be a superb signing if we can muster that one. I think we have a very strong first 11 but no depth in squad which I think Heynkes see's himself.

    I thought first half we looked really good and tore Napoli apart. Why we decided to knock it down a few gears I'm not sure and it made it difficult to then kick it up a gear again when we had to.

    Feel both red cards were very harsh and not merited and gutted about Schweini who is instrumental for us. Hope he makes a speedy recovery