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    mmmh...interesting jkuusela..and i agree with you 100%...i think all that may have affected in ribery's extension...and also because there was a huge change in the team comparing to klumsy's season :P, i mean...between klumsy's mess and bench warming in real....for sb like ribery...real was it...

    and yes bbjtin... i think he will be able to get even greatest incomes if he can stay without injuries...but...i trust bayern medical team... its truly superior to other teams...just watch robben!!! in real he was always a couple of times and then always fit which is a total succes for sb like him...

    almost cry with lucios pic...DANKE LUCIO...

    well..he left...and not in the way i would have wanted him to leave...he had some troubles sometimes..and sometimes wasnt quite spectacular...but... it makes you think when you watch him in inter playign outstanding games...i think most of the faults he may have had here were fault of the group...of the defense as a whole...and not only individual...

    well...i must tell searching for a decent t-shirt to write "van gaal i love you" on or white is the question :P

    cmon! no winning the CL is...a straw in the crop field...hahah already that we reached the final with a team that was only building and by the corageous games of our players its epic!

    and i was also one that claimed for van gaal deprature not soooo long ago... but you know..there was a sudden change in the BuLi specially... that made me think that was the result of a vast work

    loser... that wasnt what all fans at marienplatz were feeling...

    ribery staying...that says a lot...i think i will meditate about it more than comment anymore about it...

    what do you all think about it?

    egal, great!, awesome!. why didnt he leave?
    what do you think?

    Tonight was...what can i say...already a gift..take it as that, i
    admit i was pissed all first half becuz we were playing too slow for an extremely well organised defense, and becuz robben and lahm were the olny ones doign sth but ended in nothing..but then i took it as a gift we were in final already
    our campaing in CL was full of last minute miracles, of blind referees...was quite a fighter campaing..but not sth you may call quality
    already getting into a final with a new coach is a complete


    the new era beggins

    as for the game itself i need to say sth?? better : go to my previous posts about this "issue"

    our centrals sucked badly...teudaz mostly and demichelis more hahahah

    hmmm..our youth...heeeey muller was quite good a billion times better than gomez, klose and olic (who was trapped by lucio)

    hmm...robben outstanding...Lahm...:)
    Butt made nice savings
    Van bommel...was banned by a good referee..but he couldnt be more loose in midfield to do sth else
    Schweinsteiger..too calmed..too slow today
    Altintop...i was sure he had the goal key...but anyway

    Dont care.. this is a new beggining...we have lots of things to improve yet..but it seems at elast we have the man to make it happen

    mmmh...careful with the words against italians...i also detest italian teams...and italy national team..oow and..most italian players as well :P becuz they play antifootball...sth ugly, dirty ultra defensive...they get cances simulating..and create games into a bad rugby game... and then comes a counter and they score... 8-)

    nooo dont hope van bommel or any of us make fouls!!!
    we have to keep the team complete...and dont go down to their level :D


    thats exactly what i think and i dirty they may get..thats the deal

    noooooooooo dont make so early predictions...make it with only 2 days of anticipation...not so early plz!!


    aaay dios mio hahahhahaha me van a matar de risaaaa

    no se si cachan pero en verda son un chiste hahah hace mucho tiempo que no pasaba esto.. :D


    charlie..conoces la doctora polo de caso cerrado?? un caso para ella

    geoldes: hahaahahahahah too hard they can understand...but u cant blame them..everybody is so excited on this apex we are...and i admit i wish we win all...but im too scared of a huge dissapointment.. like a cruel triple frustration..

    I dont know why everybody is so happy for getitng linter liek they just got Jena or sth like that!

    cmon..they are italians..they play dirty, hideous, extremely defensive oportunistic football..they will got for counters and stay like dogs guarding their half...forget about relax or else!

    if we focus and play an organised display like we did against lyon sure we can do a lot..but we must watch out with defense..they must be really awake for every move
    what can i say..there could be a shower of fouls against robben, olic and Müller...and everbody

    so... lets keep being enthusiastic..but realistic please "en la puerta del horno se quema el pan" dont know if u know that saying charlie...(in the oven door, bread can be burned)
    but its really true

    van gaal is also calling for calm hes happy becuz its inter and it may fit us best..but he still says its goignt o be a tough game