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    Nothing to say..i guess everything is said already

    football is about results and there are not deserved and non deserved winners i guess...theres not a merit result...its goals against simple as that.

    What can i say... the game made go 3 kgs less becuz of the stress... no team could mantain the results... shaky defense from our part FIRST GOAL was a stupidity..butt should had cleared to the back...not push it to our oponents legs... and if defense would be in direct coordination with the GK, they should have also helped in clearing that stupid ball
    then second goal, again low assistances...the problem is with height..and opposite to poor chilean team that has to lead with giants..the problem here is with floor...which is..not physicall problem...

    then..our goals...distance shots..killer ones...beautiful goals i must say...but is distance option...and why the heck we had so much strikers that are suppoused to score from closer distances...dont know...perhaps they got a bad day...who knows
    again bayern strategy was by the wings...and ribery...if he had 75% the sparks he had last season...would have been different story.. its clear robben is the one providing...our team was robben dependent...dangerous disposition that leaves clear that any revolutionary attempt of mr. van gaal against fiorentina was nothing more than sth left in the training field..since what we had last night was an absolutely oldfashioned system based on the dependence of a "figure, star" you name it

    agree... Buffon wont leave juventus...and hes too old..he would mean in 2-3 more years being worried getting another GK after spendng loads of moeny in him...with age u lose cant avoid it


    mediocre... best men for bayern? referee and line... one bugged fiorentina players all the way, and gave us stopped bal chances, the other hahahah forgot his glasses hahaah and gave us that goal..that attention! according to uefa was from olic :D:D:D:D:D:D how dirty!!!

    but really... bayern was blurry all over the field

    first, defense..shaky.. no buyten, no coordination, demichelis... no words.. too bad, couldn focus, bad passes, no contention power... contento played good, but its still not precise enough and couldnt connect with a mediocre ribery, badstuber...besides the time the camera showed him for some stopped balls when i could notice a sutile alikeness with my oldest brother :P, i cant say anything...where was him? then lahm, he played good, but i must say he focused more on attackign more than in defending

    then midfield, ribery already said was mediocre, just a shadow there, losing balls, easily passed... schweinsteiger, had to go down to contention and had some ugly mistakes specially on second half, bommel... on fiorentina goal i wanted to kill him..he should have stayed in his place either to stop that ball, or let butt watch the ball..he was all over and not letting the man watch..
    robben, i must agree he was selfish in some plays that if he would have passed more could have ended on sth nice..but he preffered the solos more than collectivity, but considering the mediocre collectivity, it was an option

    striking GOMEZ what a nightmare!!! where was him with all those passes!! all those assists!!

    müller, the mix of bad luck, and sb tired...

    klose...he lost such a clear chance!! almost a penalty kick..but he tried...i can bet that if lucho van gaal would have made the change of klose in gomez out would have been different..

    olic he fought, he went up..but was also too little time for him

    one phrase to finish:

    you can put lot of offensive players in a team, but that wont make it a good offense, u can bet on an offensive scheme, but that wont give u safe games if u have a defense that sincerely sucks

    mr. van gaal... still needs to work..what he has a 25% bayern

    well...ottl out, breno out, toni and baumjohan..

    the one i resent the most is toni...i liked him..liked his warrior attitude...and he was a goalmachine... the rest .EGAL...
    as long as they bring people as they are letting them go... i must say a good player in replacement for toni would be more strikers...but a good defender...on wings...plz..

    hahahaahahahahahahah !!

    :P im sooo glad... that was like a mouth shutter for all those liga/premier/serie A fans that said bayern was bad and buli too,...that we couldnt against those leagues....

    the beast woke up.....and we ate the rats :D

    ( took quite a while to wake up the beast...took many mistakes and stupidities...but it seems now were in the right track to keep awake)

    hahahah i tend to be dislexic my friend :P

    it takes me a while ti write properly :D
    mind goes fatser than the hands....

    but thanks for the correction anyway.. thats st my bro thats in rimini and my dad wouldnt like me to repeat :D

    the jewel of this week i must say :)

    was beautiful to read the local newspaper and watch in the CL page "Grosera goleada del Bayern Munich deja a Juventus fuera de la champions"

    grosera: rude
    goleada: many goals

    and the rest...u make take it from context

    was...glorious...then the other newspaper arrving home "la vechia signora jubilada por el poder bávaro"

    jubilada: retired (like...when u retire from job)
    bávaro: bavarian


    even i couldnt watch the game becuz the f*ckers from fox sports werent showing and i was studying 8-)

    watched the best moments,....and it was a beauty...that was gaining back the winner power...

    lets keep celebrating!

    wanting ballack back its for people that still believe on that idea of the guiding player..THE one... that leads the team...thats oldfashioned..not for football from this u need players that can adjust to a system, and that may have some individual playing that report to the team creativity..but over all that, you need players that can mean consistency and comitment with the team...

    but you know sari, problem is ..barça may hire any player they want and think is good..they can bet...but if they lose the bet..they dont care becuz they have a line of good bad bet, means a bad hole in our positions..we cant risk for talents liek that..see my point?

    I must add to your list demichelis and lahm..

    but yeah... it seems liek that...but u never know how are things in the dressing room...u never know...but that we lack attitude...we do...

    one last...


    look that captain!! in the getafe game!! just watch him!!

    watch the team!! from coach and bench to guys in the field.. eveyrbody fighting til the end!!

    i really wise friend told me today sth... people...we calmed..we have other things to get mad about more than at bayern..

    better days will come...oru team is too big, has too many associates, and money to let things out of control...

    they will take measures against all thats working bad...and besides...we will have always Der Kaiser :D

    cheer up everyone...and lets keep supporting bayern...!!!



    is it too much to ask for any logical explanation on why did we lost our fire so quickly??

    its like...we have just 20 mins fuel for each half...but we cant do anythign with it!!

    i swear when robben came in..those glorious 20 first mins of second half i thought we were going to revert it..but..instead of makign it happen..we wasted chances and went back... :(:(:(:( going to reserve to myself any comment about the coach...or any player in particular...but that...wasnt bayern..thats not the attitude, not the style, not..nothing!

    a shame...and a huge sadness...we are left out of moral!!