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    Good Luck!
    Tymoshchuk 's sense of position is defender midfield,but he is reliable relative to other center defenders......We lack breakthrough to destory the opponent's the system of defend.In the midfield ,Ottl 's short passing has too many mistakes and he too slow when he deal ball.
    Anyway,we are winning.Bundesliga in the weekend is importance,good luck continue

    I hope Tymoshchuk continue into the starting lineup to play the defneder and Gomez continue gaols.Win the game we should advance from the group and relieve stress

    We need a excellent defender.I hope to buy Geromel whose ability has been proven many times in Bundesliga.Especially,VS Bayern......and he can play the Champions League.I don't think we should buy striker before next summer.Gomez need a suited tactics ,he need the space.Through the last game,I think Van Gaal maybe changes his ideas.No team always use the same tactics.The confidence and suited tactics can relive Gomez.