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    considering our numerous injuries, I HOPE our board gets on the transfer market again and at least get a VERY GOOD striker (so that everyone is happy with him), and GOOD left-back so at least we`ll be covered in case contento gets injured, and alaba would play on the wing rather than at left back !!

    Hi im Kevin 21 from Malta (Probably most of you don`t know where it is...its a tiny island under italy and sicily), earlier in my childhood i`ve always been a german football fan, dont know how though (my parents say it might be german blood running through me cos my grand-grandpa was german...but i`ve been a real bayern fan since that final in 1999... that night i realised that bayern were my team...been following every single bayern match since then

    bbjtin : this is even more bitter than in 2010...i just saw the statistics bayern had 43 shot attempt while chelsea had only 9...that should say something...if only bayern managed to defend in that corner...i dont agree with you about the german team though. there`s been a lot of games germany lost in late stages, i think the current squad is one of the best german squads ever... in earlier years germans used to play with physicality only, now they`ve got technique as well as phyisicality...let`s hope at least our bayern stars can get to cheer at the euros :x

    mulhim there`s no point in pointing fingers now ! everyone did all he can to sure robben didnt mean to miss his penalties...and after all if there`s a player which deserved to be in the final that`s surely robben...he helped bayern more than one time during the course of this CL....same applies to gomez and all other players...we were just unlucky yesterday, our only fault is that of leaving it to should have wrapped all up in 90mins

    there`s nothing we can do now, except hoping that this summer bayern spends BIG and creates on hell of a the past 3 years bayern have been in the champions league final twice that should mean something....there`s no point in remembering yesterday`s match now it was really un-lucky...all bayern players gave it there all...the loss of yesterday should be our motivation for tomorrow

    I think we shouldn`t be frustrated too much at yesterday`s game, dortmund have been playing so well in the haven`t met oppenents this good throughout the whole season including the champions league....they deserved to win cos they exploited well our defensive fact bayern didnt play bad, i think its our best game against dortmund in a while in terms of attacking football.. in terms of defending it the worst game ever this season.

    Let`s hope yesterday`s loss doesnt affect our team, this is again the biggest game of the decade for bayern, we already lost 2 years ago, lets hope we make up for that now !

    SUPER game from bayern !! must say what a great game all bayern players made...especially gustavo & alaba...truly promising players :D ...refereeing could have been better today also...marcelo deserved a red card for that foul on muller at the end...and coentrao should have been expelled too, that foul on robben deserved a yellow card at the beginning..

    we should focus on winning our remaining games now...and hope for a miracle maybe (a thing I dont beleive in) the only thing i want now is to put some pressure on dortmund agian, and beat the Sh** out of them in the pokal final !! and show subotic who the real bayern for the CL i dont care that much on that, i would have preferred the league rather than the CL but since now we`ve progressed this far i think it would be an enourmous target for bayern to get to the final...I think its a dificult match against real, but if you guys remember some past games real always had many star players and bayern 3/4 of the times manages to knock them out...lets hope this year is no exeption

    thanks to robben bayern lost 1-0 -.-....stupid penalty takers why dont they just give it a hard shot ? NO robben has to leterally PASS it to the keeper, and then it that wasn`t enough he even shot over the bar from like 50cm from the goal can`t win against such a dortmund team, we have to admit was only from thr 60th minute bayern started creating some attacking chances

    Today`s the most important game of the season....if bayern win then i think we have a 70% chance of winning the title, if we lose its all over i think....draw would leave it 50-50....lets hope bayern can produce a great game...GOOD LUCK BAYERN!!

    @ bbjtin, we cant dominate all games though, hannover are currently playing great football, and considering bayern`s amount of games in the last few days i think its obvious that some players look a bit tired or so which affect the gameplay... overall it was again a great display from bayern... just was a bit disappointed by olic`s misses, i really wished he scored it would have eased off some pressure for bayern in the last 15mins...great game though considering we had to play 120mins midweek

    When van gaal was still with bayern he used to play in a 4-4-2 formation until olic got injured...then he opted for a 4-5-1 formation haviung only gomez as a striker...a tactic which looked ok, but then when all other teams knew how our game was it was useless and thats why van gaal was fired...

    I think what bayern needs is good substitutions, in case of formation changes, tactic changes , player changes we would be covered at least... lets hope they`ve learned the HARD lesson now...

    If he is, then i think ti would be a great addition to our squad...also i just saw on bild that petric won`t be extending his contract with hamburg...THAT would be a great attacker for bayern would give us some depth in attack...i mean he`s not a sharpshooter as ibrahimovic or van persie but would surely help bayern i think.

    I think for bayern to change the tactic mentality, either one of our wingers must leave or some good central midfield / attackers should come...otherwise bayern will be dependant on ribery / robben really needs to spend and get like 6-8 new players this summer...just like they did some time ago when they got toni, klose etc etc...we need to be competitive again and have a huge squad not just like now...and maybe from next season we can eliminate the van gaal memories we have, such as our play which i think is still the same which is "keep passing all over or give the ball to robben or ribery"

    in my opinion badstuber and rafinha are playing with all their heart, badstuber of lately is making some really good tackles, and rafinha is going foward and backwards all the time he can do nothing more... for me the player which needs to be switched is kroos, he`s literally non-existent in like 3/4 of a game
    . Muller isnt playing well neither but at least he creates some sort of threat... for me bayern`s current situation is coming from these 4 factors:

    1) Van buyten`s injury (He`s the only good header of the ball)
    2) Our bad luck of arent playing bad, but its just a sort of curse .. bayern create a lot of chances and 3/4 of them just CANT enter into the goal for some paranormal reason
    3) Tactics
    4) lack of good players in the bench (only olic and tymoschuk are capable of playing at starting eleven, and contento but he just came froman injury)

    bm72 , the thing going on is that bayern dont have good substitutions which can replace injured players such as schweinsteiger, and the tactics which are nt good enough...i saw dortmund`s game yesterday they`ve got a huge team and deserve to be in the top surely with the great football they`re playing.. after mainz got the 1-1 i was like "lets see how much does it take dortmund to score again"...the answer was less than 5 mins. and thats quite impressive cos bayern usually take up to 5 mins to build up an attack playing around with the ball. i mean bayern have got no chance this season to retain the title. it was already very difficult until christmas, but at that time bayern played some good football too, but now its a different story. we managed to spoil a 3 point lead and turn it into a 7 point under...

    exactly, in my opinion i think part of this happening to bayern is for kroos`s style of play... he s good but he`s also slow with the ball which affects our play. also bayern needs to take advantage of counter attacks.... i think this curse will be over only when robben gets to his brilliant days again, bayern misses his great play...