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    ill pray that what u say happens : )

    as far for transfers i think that rensing still needs some pracitse im not saying he s bad or something BUT

    apart that some of the games we had major injuries in defence he conceeded some bad goals, as far as butt in the game im watching i see him more safe in our post, maybe im wrong but i think rensing still has to develop into a world class keeper...

    i also saw on bild that if bayern wont getinto CL spot RIBERY & LAHM would leave, i hope its not true especially for LAHM which is one of my most beloved bayern players ,ribery is too but that flirting with barca makes me a bit wondering

    with the new coach scweini will come back surely, after not doing so well in 2008 sweini had to show he s still very good BUT with klinsmann s tactics he couldnt...

    now i just saw that it might be ribery & lahm s last bayern match if we dont qualify for CL i hope its not true,

    for those saying that bayern arent the old bayern crushing the league title like inter with 12 points or so, i prefere it like this cos at least we know were we are standing in europe.

    hehe could be but he always did what he tought it would be of good for the club :) i think as u said our priorities ae a good defender and a good keeper.

    others we can live without BUT the stronger we are the more changes we have to advance

    about the bayern deal for diego , i think its like 85% over, i dont think, its bayern managment s fault , infact they offered more money than juve (at least bild says so), the problem was because of diego s father which happens to be his agent, he had made already made all things set with juve ( at least it seems so)

    for our team i think tevez would be good, but looks like he s going to liverpool at least he said he wants to join them

    but if we manage to get ronaldinhio it would be a huge asset for our team , if some of u guys watches serie A games especially milans , would notice that he never plays from begining and when he enters he always plays good

    as far for hleb i dont know what to say because we dont hear much of him these days , i remember he was a great player while at stuttgart and arsenal

    its not because of bayern managment , its because of his father we didnt sign him...

    now that everything is clear with our new coach i think the managment will focus more on sumemr signings , obviuoslyy van gaal will indicate the points he wants to strenghten,

    i saw on bild he wants a new keeper , as for outfield players i recently saw bayern are intrested in napoli s lavezzi ,

    i would rather go for ronaldinhio, he said he wants to leave because of few playing time so we might get him , also getting gourcouff would be good , finally some good defender will make the cherry on the cake

    Diego/Hleb/Van Der Varrt wont be coming if ribery is still with us i think, OR its financially impossible, i think with the selling of ribery( as he showed some flirting with barca) would be a bit bad for us as we already know what ribery can offer BUT its better if we sell him now if he isnt hapyp at bayern rather than the story repeats itself and a great star leaves on free, on that part of the transfer deal we would get MONEY which we can spend on diego in my preference ALSO we can choose either HLEB or GUDJONSEN.

    personally i would choose gudjonsen knowing how much bayern s foward is in decline these days. (having 4 great attackers increases the scoring oportunity also it strengtenhs our squad when some of them are injured)

    so this formation will be perfect for us :


    subs :
    Ze Roberto

    i think that formation has one bad thing which is the central defenders are TOO slow, its just like with germany,m great with headers but no pace at all, huth did some decent game with middlebrough but if u guys know what i mean its the same problem there is with germany s national team , the only bad link is the central defence...

    thanks for the news :D & isupport the eboue trasnfer too, he s very good and still much years to play.

    as for zhirkov i think there will be a tight fight for him till the end, and the ribery saga i think its all media speculation, IF bayern would want to sell him they would do it 1 year before his contract expires not NOW that he s only fulfilled half of his contract.

    i just wish tymochuk will be a leader i know him as AND van bommel doesnt leave, they would form up a great middfield together with borowski

    TO babyschimmerlos :

    r there any rumours about any other players not mentioned here ??

    maybe there are other players we dont know about whcih bayern r intrested in, and whiel we r talking about ballack and so one there might be some star coming

    hehe but its a bit true cutecarol s only concern is about ballack, i think she was VERY happy when she saw ballack might come back :D as for our team next year i think we would be basing on tymoshuk next year thats my feeling

    i think van bommel wont go neither ze roberto , AND with tymochuk coming & IF ballack comes our middfield will be one of the best

    yes its true ballack doesnt have soem of those qualites ur mentioning BUT im watching him several tiems now since i saw that bayern might get him back, his play is consistent and he s the play maker guy , making passes and creating play, thats good in a player, drogba s goal yesterday came from ballack s game which he passed to belletti, he could have shot but he didnt

    if he comes i see some rotation coming

    i do think like that too , he broke our heart AND now we managed to bet back on our feet and he s haunting us again , BUT after all its the staff s ideas that count , if they think that he may be a good asset in our squad then they will get him if not , he ll stay where he is.

    i think he s one of the best german players, if u guys saw him against juventus yesterday and having him in our sqaud isnt much of a big deal as long as he plays well, for me personally i dont care much of the "he betrayed us and stuff" in old times if im not mistaking even lizarazu went away from munich then after a year he came back ... and he was one of our idols

    i think that we should consider him coming back basing on these facts :

    1. he ll come for free
    2. he s good and no one can doubt that
    3. he ll enforce our squad

    as for wages and that stuff the board will decide that

    i think by this time everyone heard it, for me as a fan it would be awsome BUT for bayern i dont think it would be awsome as he betrayed us some time ago, as for ribery i dont know why all this hype about him, if he said he s going to stay OR if our manager said so. i would only see ribery going NEXT YEAR "IF " he goes. next year would be the right time to sell him if he doesnt want to renew, its better getting soem money rather nthan nothing (like someone did with us some time ago)