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    if we want to aim high in CL we cant afford to buy players such as bendtner, we have to sign experienced players WHICH r not old tough, i dont think bendtner has such experience, neither arshavin has, podolski would have been great at bayern if it wasnt for his homesickness for cologne

    some good and experienced player would be inter `s mancini, affordable and great skills, i think if we manage to get some class players ribery will know whos amongst the best teams in the world, defensively i think if lucio leaves we should try getting chelsea s unused alex or if breno is trained good enough we should introduce him to starting line ups

    lucio says he wants to leave every winter, maybe he has something wrong with snow or rain , he s just one of the best defenders around , u cant just say breno will be better than him , breno takes time to be a pro , lucio already is one , and when playing with demichelis at the back bayern have one of the best back line

    i think selling kroos will be a big mistake which surely bayern wont accept i think. kroos is one of the future stars at bayern just like schweinsteiger , lahm etc , about attackers i think bayern will see how donovan goes during his laon at bayern and if he does well maybe in summer he may come

    about olic i would like to say that he will be a very good player at bayern he s experienced, knows german football and has also played in europe, but podolski s case is a bit akward he cant pretend be in the starting line up cos when he plays he can never be matched to toni and klose, im sure he will be great again at cologne tough

    ibesevic would be a good attacker BUT i doubt he will leave hofenhiem especially if they manage to get into CL next season , a nice transfer would be goucouff for the strikers ,

    for midfield i think tymochuk would be good and defence we should bring in a right wing defender, i doubt sagnol will be in perfect form when he enters again :(

    i saw on bild that marin is nearly at wolfsburg , about kroos i think he s a very good player BUT if bayern manage to persuade ze roberto to play another year with bayern, i would prefer ze to start instead of kroos(no offence to kroos :) ) he s very talented but brazilain players are always my favorite because of their skills,

    about tymochuk i think if he really comes and plays like he plays with zenit then bayern s midfield will be the best of the world...

    u r right and ze roberto should get a job at bayern munich :) he s one of the long serving ones and always playing good , maybe bayern should give him a job f scout in brazil , maybe someday we ll have another ze roberto :D

    players like huntelaar i think they r the same as podolski , if they r benched they will rebel and when they play they dont do anything so its better if we get some experienced player up front which will not rebel if he s at the bench