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    very right with u that would also give bayern some more brazilian great football and a mijxage between german football and brazilian football is very attracting and effective

    i think if he would like to come he has to know what he s in for, its a pity a player like makaay isnt still with bayern , if he would have accepted to start at the becnh he would surely be of goodness to bayern again : )

    sorry for not messaging in threads for so long but i had soem problems with the pc :S

    about transfers i think that bayern just need an attacker which is good , can make goals and is disposed to stay in the bench if he s needed there, podolski s problem is just that he s too willing to play but he s not yet good enough to compete with klose or toni up front, i think if bayern sell him it would be good idea for now but when time passes i think all bayern fans and especially coaches and staff @ bayern will just say : we were wrong to sell poldi !!

    its just a copy of therry henry when he was with juventus.

    about transfers i think the only transfer will be donovan for now but podolski surely wont go especially in january, i think the true battle will be with schweinsteiger tihs time it just reminds me of the ballack case, ijust wish it doesnt end the same again:S

    and for the person above my message which wrote cassano he would be good thats true but after his mistakes in spain he wont leave italy this time even if its chelsea or now man city with their mega bids and salaries

    a good transfer for bayern would be kuranyi but i dont think he would like it in the bench

    u r right i thnik on the waste of time on notsigning new players but i believe that bayern staff would see it if there was an immediate NEED on new players , with the group we have i dont think much is needed , and about signing of players i dont thnk players with the likes of gattuso, lampard , de rossi del piero etc will never leave their club because they r icons of the club. like kahn was for bayern he woukld NEVER leave bayern, if i could i would make bayern win all titles and i belive that everyone at bayern wants the same thing. so if there were no more transfers for the upcoming season im sure its because bayern sqaud is already great which i also think it is

    i think we dont need to get confused because of some lost game in a while , i think when bayern formation is played as it is supposed to with no ijuries i think we have one of the best 5 teams in the wolrd

    i think bayern should try to sign mutu he was once one of the roumors for bayern and now it looks like he s not signing for fiorentina , he would surely rienforce out team , if he doesnt come the team will be excellent too : )

    about people talking about van buyten , he is one of my favorites at bayern always working hard and always loyal, i never saw interviews of him were he laments about something , and i believe if he would start lamenting he could say something

    for klinsman i think he will use different players depending on the game for example in some bundesliga matches he will rest key players so theyh will be in great form for CL, i think if klinsman uses this strategie he will make great things

    no no as a team liverpool arent good enough but they r well known for their fortune, always going into the knockout againtst bad teams unlike bayern, inter i dont think they will ever wina CL even if god is coaching them , they just dont have the same atitude they have when playing in italian league , in CL they r scared i think.

    for bayern transfers i just saw today that adrian mutu hasnt still renewed his contact with fiorentina maybe he would be a proper guy to have at bayern,and there is an italain player "rosina" currently playing with torino, he said that he would like to leave torino , he is VERY good and plays in midfield and also italian which would resolve the "toni problem"

    i agree with u and your wish is fair enough to be completed , i think right now the best team in the world in manchester utd but some bumps came this summer for them even with the ronaldo saga , which if it happens utd will get a bit down, second team i think is barcelona, they have a starred team but sometimes too many stars just shine so much and dont do what they r suposed to do, and i think ronaldihnio will leave and even etoo this will take a bump in barcelona also, then chelsea are also a good team but they still need that something good maybe scolari is able to give it to them, i think this year it could be bayern s year in CL knowing that milan arent in the cup everybody knows what milan r capable of in CL, i think the only threats next year in CL are chelsea , liverpool and real madrid

    if u think inter have a more good team than bayern than ur really insane, their last season they didnt manage to win 3 games after each other from the ay they were knocked out from CL , they managed to win the league just because of the 12 points advantage they had before christmas.

    last season teams like bayern performed the double than inter , so we should nt compare bayern with inter, about transfers i think we have enough players maybe some star is needed in case someone of OUR starts gets injured (to be secure in CL )

    everybody says its a failure when bayern dont manage to bring a star player, it also happened when bayern didnt get van nistelrooy, but i dont mind such failures when we manage to get players like luca toni & frank ribery and manage to re make a contract with a player like phillip lahm, i think bayern will still be high up in the CL next term with or even without new stars in the team. i think sometimes star players only make problems for teams such as bayern, last season i must say it was AWSOME unlike the season before, now that the team managed to get so well together we cant afford to buy some star midfielder so that he will break the experience build. i dont think that a player like borowski which is known by all germans at bayern will harm the team because all bayern players which represnt germnay know how he plays

    defently the greatest idea would be to move podolski to the wing in midfield this would be of course with no money involved since behrami isnt for bayern class , about transfer roumors i dont believe any transfers until uli or someone else at bayern announces that there is a firm interest in the player or until bayern officialy announce the player s capture, about pirlo transfer i never say on bayern website that bayer nwas interted in the player or never saw staff of bayer ntlaking about them , i think of pirlo it was only a speculation of the midea when ze roberto announced that it would be his last season of playing thenmidea started telling stories of who would be replaced, then borowski was signed immediatly so the pirlo roumor was done by that time , de rossi was also roumored at that time

    there s no need to panic , last year we were in uefa cup and we still managed to get some worldclass players like toni and ribery , and this year maybe there is no need for such big names to strenghten our squad, for people mentioning etoo i would say that if etoo comes there would be some one named lukas podolski going for sure, he hadnt got enough chance with toni & klose imagine with having toni klose and etoo (few of the best strikers in the world) it would be only a waste of time for podolski to rest at bayern so it will be a non so super striker coming if a strikcer is coming. for other transfers i dont think behrami is good enough for bayern, he plays in lazio and i watch some of their games , he s not a constant good player , soemtimesgood sometimes bad so bayern fans wouldnt like players like this.

    ur right man there are other great players , i tend to watch italain football apart of german football and napoli are getting a very good team with non stared players like ronaldo , messi etc.... a great team with players with the name of lavezzi , denis etc . i think non famous european players can still gvie bayern the satistafction they want

    first of all i dont think bayern should spread out like 70 milion for players , we could get high class players with just 20 i think, and secondly why did spain team win the EURO 2008, because they played the most consistent play throughout the whole tournament, germany only reached their climax against portugal. and for russia russian players did only 30% of the job the other 70% did it hiddink which i think is one of the best coaches. when u see russian play u an see their perfectness for example when there is a throw in u can see a player already sprinting foward before the ball is thorwed , why is that ? its because of the great mentality.

    for bayern i dont think we fans should be amazed if there isnt much transfers concerning bayern. i think the team is good enough to compete in CL with 1 or 2 more transfers ONLY.

    i think as ze roberto will be playing his last year he will be playing less games than last year because of new players. but i still hope ze plays every match he deserves it and he s one of my favorites always consistent , i think by the arrival of klinsmann some non starters of last year will also be featuring my formation will be like this


    ------------schweinsteiger/ze roberto------vanbommel------ribery--------------------


    i think this year it will be a quiet transfer market from bayern , i thnik oinly 1 or 2 players more will come , we only needsome finsihing touches now with new signing like borowski and butt the team looks more solid both in midfield everybody knows what a kind of player is borowski and even butt has some experience to show us too : ) i think there will be a striker transfer since therre are only 3 and maybe a winger

    i dont think mutu will come to bayern since he said he would love to lay in CL and fiorentina made it to the CL , i saw a rumour that bayern are targeting deco now. , like rummenige said this week bayern s team doesnt need many changes like last year only some finishing touches. a player like ribery which is a star is needede and maybe even a hunter in the attack like toni.

    for keeper i saw that bayern are targeting butt , he would be good at bayern

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">pff...stop with the bullsh*t about people leaving us every ten seconds!!

    we were scaredto death about lahm and now he renewed, i really think that you are falling to much in gossip and yellow trash news

    lucio will remain with us, hes happy with the team i cant see any reason of him leaving us, i can see more sagnol out than lucio, sagnol cried becuz he couldnt play, lucio played all the season, he even kicked sb ass..etc :D

    and he is one of the captain sucessors candidate...what else could he ask for</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    u r very right, if bayern managed to persuade a great talent like lahm which is very gifted and still young then there are no problems with players like lucio which recently caimed he s staying at bayern, or sagnol which is one of the most beloved players at bayern. remember when scholl was with us 2 or 3 years ago... he , kahn and sagnol were bayern fans `idols.i dont see why he should go to another cl;ub just to play every match when he only didnt play whole matches this year due to injury.
    i dont see van bommel leaving us or schweini too.

    about lahm in my opinion he is the best in d wrld because he s got pace , technique , and also great breath. i dont know much players which play in lahm s position and are able to make a great run for the attack and run back to the defence helping them , and this does not happen once in bayern matches