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    Bayern didnt play bad today though, in the second half leverkusen just kept attacking us on the break...for me its all the fault of 2 or 3 players from our team which arent playing well as they should, and all the team is getting all the blame...kroos is very slow in his passing which slows up our attacks, if you see last weekend agaisnt schalke he didnt play and bayern were unstopable... also it seems like bayern are under some curse or something at the moment, damn all the game attacking and our opponents have half a chance and they convert it :( it really makes me angry not because we lost, but we lot to a team we should have given at least 2 or 3 >:|

    The best Bayern game this season in my opinion....i think kroos was the one slowing up our play, today bayern really looked great, great flowing attacking football, and most of all unpredictable....if it wasnt for hildebrand and gomez`s bad luck today it would have ended 4 or even 5 - 0 for sure....that was a way to respond

    Our only player which can score from corners is Van Buyten, while our only players which can score from a freekick are robben & ribery (which i dont see them able to score freekicks anymore)

    i dont think the real problem for our defence isnt the defence exaclty, i mean with rafinha, boateng, badstuber and lahm isnt a bad my opinion the defence is having problems from when van buyten got injured...this season he was very stable, and also he`s the only bayern player which can get a good header of the ball, in my opinion the real problem is the central midfield...without schwiensteiger central midfield isnt capable of defending well, if one sees yesterday`s match in the first 20-35 mins basel players could send a through pass from the middle of the pitch and the ball would go directly in front of our box... i mean if the midfield doesnt help our defence, its obvious the defence is going to have a hard time. our problem is the formation i think....we use a 4-2-3-1 formation were the holding midfielders are usually schweinsteiger & gustavo/tymo...our real midfielders are only 2, which means if other teams attack us on the break we`ll be outnumbered for sure....

    How can bayern create any chances if all the teams we play against defend with 9 or 10 players inside the DAMN box >:-| ? even if bayern play with 10 attackers and a keeper we wont be able to win... with our current tactics we dont stand a chance, its been clearly noticed for some time now bayern have HUGE difficulties against such teams which defend with many players behind the ball, now not only bundesliga teams do this but also champions league teams.....just great >:-|

    what a game today !! Bayern were totally unpredictable :D thats how we should of the match for me Muller !! he really played well...running, great passing, creating space etc etc...and must mention what a great keeper sven ulreich is !!

    exactly, and a team which doesnt dare to shoot from outside the box....where are those days where schwieni used to shoot from outside the box ? or the times when even lahm was able to score :(

    exactly and most of all we need players which are good headers of the ball...we currently have only van buyten which is able to score a header from a corner....if you see yesterday`s game or some other games earlier this season we had like 8 corners in each game AND 5-7 of them get to their keeper s hands

    agree with you bbjtin, draw was the best result... bayern kept attacking but hamburg`s defence was quite solid today and must say our goal was a bit lucky i thought we were going for another defeat today...the problem for bayern is that our opponents are just playing a defensive game and attack us on the break !! we just keep passing the ball around praying god someone from our opponents makes a mistake. i mean this is not how bayern should be playing. we should invest something more in the attack ! for example playing 2 players in an attacking position such as gomez - muller upfront (last 2 seasons muller was having a great scoring season) we cant just keep passing until we finally make a good opportunity which 80% wont result in a goal... if one sees teams such as dortmund, they are able to build up an attacking chance within 4-6 passes.... we need at least 20-30, this is what bayerns problem is about, all teams are getting VERY defensive against us, this can be easily seen , when a bayern player gets the ball all of our opponents get behind the ball defending....a thing which bayern players dont do!...this is not about giving 3 or 4s to our opponents anymore, now its more about scoring a goal and defending with all our power

    I think its not just nerlinger`s way of look, also the other persons involved... i mean why are they still stubborn on not buying CB re-enforcements ? we should have learned from last season how much defence is important