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    Why do you keep denying toni's talent?
    Yeah sure klose assited toni at first, but half of the season klose didnt even had assist precission!!
    For what else do you want a striker if is not to win games scoring?
    Yo dance, to help a bit in defense (toni did went to midfield when ribey was injured, i also watched all games live mr. mike)

    Not because he recieves assists it means he will score, kmiro also recieved, but he wasn't capable of scoring, but toni did.
    Not beacuse you recognise toni's talent you will deny klose's if thats your problem, because i dont see any other explanation, unless yoi can explain from real arguments (non emotional or about preferences) why is toni mr 50% as you call him (i disagree with you mike in that)

    Luca means no harm for the team, in fact he means only good numbers, just as miro at the beggining of the season, if you love the team, every single player that makes positive stuff for the team, should be praised!

    :( its a pitty you aren't able to praise sb leaving a side prefernces or emotional matters or any other prejudgment.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    i dont deny toni s talent he one of the best strikers bayern ever got . but we cant just prasie toni and let all other strikers go away. before klose joined bayern im sure all bayern fans wanted him at bayern when he scored some great goals agaisnt us.

    in toni s case , i ve been watchig him since he was at palermo in italy. he was one of my favoriteitlaina players but i never tought bayer nwould get him. in my opinion players like him and klose are the best attackers to have always wanting to score and never angry with others .

    i think this year klose didnt score as much goals as toni because toni is only given the first preference, and if you see bayern games klose stays a bit back than toni, thats because toni is the hitman which hits the final ball into the net.

    i beleave klose can score anywhere he wants . in this year he has first to adequate with who is he playing before playing great. next year klose will be a goalgetter as toni im sure. and with little help podolski might also be like them.

    If Bayern are interested in me than i'm interested in them too"

    sorry but where did u see this ?? i didnt see it anywere, eventough it would be awsome to have deco as well.

    about gattuso i think he will be deciseive next sason in CL if he comes , lot of experience . i dotn see ze roberto on the bench tough. i think ze & schweini will be used . but since ze roberto is leaving next year we cant just play him all season. he s got very much experience and is one of my favs. i think he will start in the wing instead of schweini , but klinsmann will change that sometimes

    exaclty , gattuso is surely in his peak form right now , and if the news i saw are correct he is going to sign a 4 year contract which is the best in my opiniom , he s 30 now after 4 years he will be 34 and there will be someone else to replace him at that time.

    no i was just joking now , but really if he is really 10 kg overwieght , bayern trainers dont do anything ?? when dos santos just came to bayern he had some hard training at that time , and then he disputed some games... but i tihnk breno is better than him for an 18 yr old

    well when i saw that bayern were going to bid for breno at frist i didnt know nothing about him but then i searched on him and found some video of his playing , he s good. as i said in other threads abilities never go away. if he was playing good in brazil why should nt he play good in bayern as well ?

    well 15 milion is too much for barzagli but if we want to progress in CL we cant have an 18 year old as a replacemnet for lucio or demichelis. van buyten is ok but breno has no experience in BL or CL , but by time he will be great

    i think our key next season will be the middfield.

    -------------------van bommel------------Borowski-----------------------
    --ze roberto/ribery----------------------------- ---Ribery/schweini----

    for incoming players i would like hans horg butt to come at bayern, he s good. barzagli is is a good defender. for midfielders i would like another one like van bommel which is a colossus in middifeld. a good winger which has fast spints and good crosses... why dont bayern opt for odonkor ?? he s fast and good crosses. for attackers we should bring a clone of toni . a good player which just wants to score goals. like drogba. if he s leaving chelsea we could try to at least bid for him

    flamini will go to milan , gattuso in a premier club and scheva will rejoin milan , he said his heart still belongs to milan in an interview last week.

    i think for an attacker bayern should opt for a good one if they want to progress in the CL , this season everyone saw it .when toni & klose play we always win by a high margin , and if someone of them doesnt play we either win with a 1-0 or a 2-1. its becasue our consistent attackers are only toni and klose.

    i wish bayern try to opt for schalke s kuranyi he has some experience ans is good infront of goal. if this happens and bayern manage to gring him THEN we will have a massive attack. everybody knows what klose & podolski can do in front of goal together