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    i doubt he will come to bayern tough :( he s one of firentina talismans the only was it could be possible if firoentina dont qualify for CL and toni talks with mutu . if by soem way he would vcome he would solve the "toni s italian language" problem too

    could be but i dont think mutu or de rossi or pirlo or gomez will come to bayern , the others could possibly come but those mentioned above wont come for sure. if adrian mutu comes then it would be really a great bayern with him , borowski and ribery in midifled

    u think bayern would get barzagli , mutu de rossi pirlo gomez frey schwarzer quaresma all in the summer ??

    why dont bayern opt for psv s keeper he s talented and still young and i saw not long ago that milan will try to sign him , so he s surely interested in leaving psv

    yea then if we sell toni & ribery we will end in relegation zone straightly. if u watched this season i think they have been the most 2 important key players of bayern. its not wise to say SELL just because we were knocked out of a stupid cup . i think if we hadnt been fatigued like this playing thursday & sunday everyweek and having to play schweinteiger instead of altintop we would have won it yesterday.

    yess i think barca coach isnt good enough to use all players. well its obvious everyone would chose a stared team rather than a team with players which play half capacity. but when you have such starts at barcelona some complicate problems start to create. i think barca s team was the most good when they had ronaldihio only playing , then they got messi , henry and all the rest and all of them wanted to play.

    i think hitzfeld is one of the best football coaches ever. its very difficult to manage a brand new team and manage to get to semis of a cup fully confideced. or last year getting a squad which`s morale was 0% and manage make players push to the limits.

    no i think if another one like ribery comes to bayern the problems would start . just see at barcelona they have all the start in the world but still dont win anytihng , why ?? just because they have a quarter of their players all great dribblers. and what do dribblers do ? dribble look at barca everyone wants to make fun of his opponets by dribbling past them but this isnt working , i think when there is only 1 player like ribery in a team the team has its "play maker"

    about ballack coming to bayern , i think the "Ballack" era is now over, now there is the "dream team" era where staff at bayern want to focus on bringing great talent to the club. the most important thing is that they dont want to bring players like other teams by lots of money , bayern want to biring them by showing good football now and the next season in CL

    haha no no its not a good idea to swap ballack for ribery, apart from the age gap ribery has more technique and is getting along with the bayern players and bayern seems a new club since these new players came. when ballack was here he was a bit selfish i think thats why we didnt get very much further in CL . he always wanted to impress. unlike the new bayern team , now all players work for each other and nobody wants to impress on his own. this is the secret of bayern playing great this year. and if this system continues i see bayern getting to CL semis very easily

    absolute shit as always from chelsea... and that miser of abramovich..

    he think he can attract bayern with 10 milion and a patchwick. knowing he posess all that money he would at least be a real man and ofer a noticable sum of money like 80 milion since he s so rich to buy all worldclass players. and malouda he can keep him we dont need malouda when we ve got ribery.

    he doenst know that utd had to wait 4 years for owwen hargreaves which went to utd just because of his poor performance last season and his desire to play for utd

    i wish he doenst go he will be missed surely and bayern s defence wont be the same without him. for the attack i have been watching juventus - lazio right now and pandev was one of bayern s targets thissummer. is he still or they dont want him anymore ??


    this is a more realistic one