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    about toni s language someone above said that he should be professional to concentrate on his job. personally i think toni is the most good striker in the world and the most one which is really a quite person. i think a person which does his job really well and loves football like him should at least have someone to talk with in the dressing room. it was really sad to sse toni in last match agianst zenit here on tv they sometimes showed him when bayern fail to score a goal. he would have killed to enter playing.

    about someone saying that vidal at leverkusen talks with signs , i think at bayern they use this system too i see toni and klose talking like that or toni & ribery or ze roberto. but its like talking with monkeys , i think if bayern manage to bring an italian player toni would play even better

    no no its true , itfeels really bad to look at people tlaking to each other in a dressing room and u cant talk to them back . today i saw that benfica s luizao is for sale , that would be a massive transfer if he comes to bayern . since hje s a CB and a CB will be going

    i think we need a nother goal scoring player like toni and another attacker which can give perfect goals fot toni like klose , isaw today that schalke want to sell kuranyi 25 million , he would be a nice choice but 25 is high for him

    about ballack i think he will regret having gone away from bayern next season when we play in CL im sure with the team we ll have we ll advance. about selling van buyten i think bayern wont do that since he has stated full loyalty to bayern . and if we want to do well in CL its not wise to sell a player which has some experience in the cup than play a very young one with no experience even in bundesliga. i think bayern wont play breno that much next season too , i think they will try to develop him the best they can before playing him in european tournaments just like they did with rensing , they first train him the best they can

    i think demichelis will partner up with barzagli in defence , about breno , its a fact now that the players which come in their first year isnt always a great one like toni ribery and klose ` s. breno has to show his skills in order to gain first place. about lahm i am still thinking there is a chance of contracting lahm again , maybe bayern are not going to sell him in this summer in order to show him what bayern are capable of doing with their new team which includes borowski klinsmann and his staff and who knows maybe even other world class players

    i think schwarzer will be only a replacment for kahn , and if bayern are aiming to win the CL next season they will have to get a good 2nd keeper, i dotn think klinsmann will play schwarzer instead of rensing , hitzfeld will go but uli honoess will surely tell klinsmann about rensing being a good keeper

    i think tv fees can change a bit but this doesnt depend only on fees or other sports . the question here is why do other teams have more money to invest in players ?? soem of them maybe they are a rich club but the most of them are rich because they get owned by millionares. like chelsea and liverpool. i think the bundesliga cant compete with other leagues just because there are no owners of german clubs. when a club like bayern manage to sign a player like ribery which is a woirld class player or like toni a world cup winner it shows than bayern is one of the best clubs in the world and if other clubs dont have owners bayern would be in the 5 top clubs in the world for sure.

    i dont think van buyten will leave , soem time ago lucio said that he will leave at the end of the season so i think it will be him going. about barzagli i think he would suit us well if lucio leaves as breno is still young i think for CL matches.

    haha but it was made TODAY and i didnt make notice of it as i recevied an email telling me that there was a reply in that thread , but lets not argue about this , now everyone will post his regards about transfers here , everyone will be happy at last :D

    about chelsea , i dont think CHELSEA itself is the pirate , i think the most important pirate on the pirate ship is that crap of roman abramovich which is killing football every time he make a massive bid for a player

    waw if bayern would manage to get diego we would be unstopable . i think bayern should try bringing in some players from liverpool as liverpool will be forced to sell players in summer due to the owner s debt. voronin or pennant would be a nice choice

    here i posted it here mr sanna , bdw this thread opened today lol i didnt see it before, if i had i would written in here