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    as i said earlier i think its just a matter of time....when you see gomez or muller playing in front of goal their chances which they dont score are because either the ball goes VERY near the post or some miskick ... its different when we used to have for example donovan upfront LOL that was a hopeless case, this time its jsut a matter of time :D

    great display from bayern today :D not only managed to win with some good score but also managed to shut down the opponents play WITH some players changed :D thats something i really like...changing players every now and then doesnt make anything bad :D SUPER display from all players today, obviosly muller & gomez could have played a bit better but they also did some very good passes between them

    today we not only managed to keep possession of the ball but managed to add a fantastic pace to our play.... if bayern manage to keep this up im sure the results bayern want will be coming


    im sure he`ll start playing like the past season :D if we see the match against zurich for example apart from the clear chances which he wasted that were 3 or 4 there were even other 3 which he was VERY unfortunate they didnt enter... i mean if an attacker has nearly 10 chances in a match he`ll eventually score nearly :D

    lets hope bayern pull off a win against hamburg this wkend :)

    when there`s the the need both robben & ribery go to defend...the real problem is they are not good defenders i think ;-) as for gomez i think its just a matter of time now until he starts scoring... he`s VERY VERY near... if you saw yesterday`s match he could have easily scored at least 2 lol im not worried about him

    great display from bayern today...defence was good midfield was good attack wasnt bad but gomez looses LOTS of least he gave that pass to robben for that BEAUTY though :D

    good point dustu....but i think its still early for conclusions !! besides that i think in CL everyone wants to win, so we`ll see more attacking football, in leagues teams which normally tend to be in the bottom half of the table become more defensive when facing stronger opponents

    what im saying is that we still have to give this sqaud some time, last season it was also like this, at first we couldnt score then we ended the team with 2nd best goal difference, lets hope we make that again and this time maybe less goals conceeded :)

    all`s well that ends well !! we are now square with our damn luck !! the week before we were loosers with a stupid goal, today we are winners with a lucky goal i guess cos benaglio had that one covered xD LUCKILY it entered lol

    yes saw that but dont think bayern will try getting him, saw on italian media that anzhi had offered around 35 million for him, with such astronomical prices these stupid billionaires are destroying football... dont think inter will sell any of them though (etoo & sneijder), it would be a suicide

    totally agree with you, but having robben and ribery makes bayern`s hunt for wingers a bit difficult, who`s that stupid winger that`s got enough talent to play for a top club and stay on the bench, i think we as supporters have to set sights on either young talents which are still not playing with a top club OR experienced players which have few years left to play... OR players with normal talent such as pranjic.. i would prefer if we get an experienced one or a normal one which plays with his heart as its for a substitute...amongst that i think if bayern manage to get the central midfield in perfect condition one can easily play well without one of robben or ribery...

    i think the problem with bayern nowadays is that bayern play with that style of play which is of passing the ball to the flanks, when its ribery or robben its ok , but when either of them is out then our problems begin as the subs arent able to make the work ROBBERY are able to do..

    agree with you, also if olic plays its like bayern are having 2 attackers as olic is able to do both i think its better if olic plays :D if he`s in TOP form he `s one of the best around

    come on !! saying nerlinger did nothing good to make this team better is nonsense !! if you see today and last time our defenders and keeper look very solid at least which is what counts... as for bringing other players i think once they say there will be no more there will be no more... its true both our wingers get injured pretty much BUT i think we have enough players which can replace them, as for attackers i think 4 are more than enough....

    i think the problem is kroos... not as a player but for the whole squad, when he was with leverkusen he used to play a lot better, i think its because of bayern`s attacking style... see when olic entered instead of him...if kroos was still there i think he wouldn`t do what olic did which is pass the ball back to ribery....

    must say a draw was deserved for both teams i think...but in the end of the day we won so im happy we got the 3 points... damn that gave me goosebumps when i saw gustavo rafinha schwieni and the rest of the squad celebrate :D lets hope there`s more to come !!

    agree with you bbjtin, however we must mention that when kroos is in his good form he`s quite impressive such as his times at leverkusen, but unfortunatelly i havent seen him play like he used to play for tem

    i think it will depend on the style of play bayern adopt... having robben & ribery both fit will surely make them as starters, so there will be no space for muller on the flanks ,i think it will depend on the formation if we play with a 4-2-3-1 the 3 holding midfielders will either be schweini & gustavo / tymoschuk OR kroos, but its likely that gustavo or tymoschuk will play ther ewith schweini....

    then in the attacking midfielders roles will be either ribery-muller-robben or kroos instead of muller, so basically kroos and muller playing as starters depends on gustavo and tymoschuk s performances and tactics, its likely that both of them will play together when either robben or ribery are out...