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    i think bayern s tactics when attacking foward is basically to use the flanks, these often include overlappings by lahm and rafinha, when there`s enough space our wingers will try a shot or pass/ cross the ball to the box.... i think the only thing we need is to try shooting more FROM EVERYWHERE not just from inside the damn box except robben with his "trick"... basically we just need to shoot from everywhere and shoot more often, and in cases where our opponents are stubborn with putting 10 defenders in the STUPID box, we just have to score a goal early in the match and play their game just sit there and DEFEND with 10 ourselves and attack THEM on the break... then we`ll see who`s the stupid champion getting points with only 3 shots on goal in 90 minutes lol >:-|

    i think i know who you`ll choose chrisco :P its not a matter of players for me, if bayern play like they should with some new tactics we`ll be unbeatable...dortmund are currently playing nealry equal to barcelona, i saw their second goal on friday it was AMAZING and their football is unpredictable... ours is very much predictable,

    i think its better if we change our tactics cos the game i saw yesterday reminds me of the van gaal era, LOTS of passings and possesion and in the end of the day we lost the match...

    its better if we get strong from the start cos then we`ll have to chase down these early points we`re loosing, and looking at this year`s teams it looks like we`ll have 6-8 good competitors

    i think the real problem is that bayern can only attack on the flanks..its just the opposite of some years back when ballack was still with us, we used to attack only from the middle, now only from the flanks, i think our play has become to predictable nowadays, apart from that i think its very slow at times, we just keep passing the ball around unitl its in robben`s feet and he tries to dribble some players and go for a shot , or cross the ball... i saw most of the bundesliga match openers this weekend i think we have to get fast in shape to beat teams such as dortmund or even stuttgart this season...

    sometimes its just a question of LUCK ! damn gladbach didnt have 5 decent shots at goal and still managed to win >:-| they were defending with 10 all game.. i think its just a question of luck cos its not the first time , in these last 2-3 seasons its been clear enough that such clubs just stay all game to defend, we just need to make it sure the ball enters in their DAMN goal... then play their game just stay to defend and kill them with their own tactic !!

    agree with you chrisco and ciaopivo !! everyone got robben`s move now, and all teams are placing 2 players on him all the time... ribery at least was running a bit and trying to cross the ball, muller did practically NOTHING all the game except the first 10-20 mins :( and also applies to kroos, dont know why they still give him all this chance when tymoschuk is one of the most players which gives it all on the pitch... apart from that i think our defence was looking quite solid today EXCEPT that stupid thing in their goal which still i dont know what it is >:|

    apart from that i think when bayern are playing against such defensive teams its nonsense to play with only one attacker, having two instead of one will create more trouble in the box at least, in many of our croses today gomez was the only one in the box against 3 or 5 monchengladcah players

    worst player on the pitch goes for kroos and 2nd place for muller today... sad to say this but he looked very slow today apart from the first minutes of the game...lets hope we play better in the coming days !!

    stupid game today :( and even more stupid goal conceded.... our opponents did nothing all game just defended >:-| total crap of a match today especially by muller, robben wasnt that good either and gustavo conceding stupid fouls...kroos played like his old type of games which mean NOTHING !! thought this would be an easy win for us today... there will be problems if bayern are going to play like this !! practically NOTHING done in attack

    agree with you chrisco, however robben has tremendous speed which enables him to dribble players quickly... i think thats a point to his advantage at least :P that often helps bayern a lot as its nearly a counter-attack measure for our opponents then

    agree with you chrisco, but knowing italian teams they are always up for the fight, and especially regarding the co-efficients.... as for rubin kazan i think that would have been the mort scary one, apart from long trip they play on artificial grass which would make our players get exhausted more quickly as they`re not used to play on that type of pitch... had already saw this some time ago... thank gos its summer !! imagine in knockout stages or group stages havign to play in russia in december !!

    i think i know what bbjtin`s trying to say though, robben and ribery but especially robben are in that small category of players which may be called "play-makers" they are capable of creating play, and sometimes even to be the "JOLLY" of the team.... one cant compare such players on their moves just on the effectiveness of such players in teams, for example when robben plays bayern are always like more powerful, at least i see it like that :D