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    19.29 Clock: There seem to have found two. Double Pass Friesenbichler, Weiser, Friesenbichler scores. Hat-trick for the 18-year-olds.

    19.30 Clock: When turning up the youngsters can take back the veteran himself nobly, Claudio Pizarro moved around a lot, takes on some but not scoring.

    18.42 Clock: Now available here applause from the ranks of the otherwise totally overwhelmed Trentino-boys. After the first corner of Trentino prevails in the Bayern box alarm. Starke on the ball sailed over keeper, Dante can not hit the ball first to clarify properly. But none of the three shot attempts Trentino finds its way into the goal. The following counter daraif then fritters away robben.

    18.46 Clock: Robben makes the half-dozen full. 6:0

    18.49 Clock: Trentino-keeper Gregory Fracalossi defused the last chance Bayern in mid-term one, not even a harmless shot from Tymoshchuk. 6-0 it is here at the break, the goals from Arjen Robben (3), junior Oliver Markoutz (2) and new signing Mario Mandzukic. For Bayern is a loose Trainingsspielchen. Great effort, they do not have the strike rate could be even double digits.

    hi guys, i decided to add this liveticker for all the fans whom they don't understand german like me, and sorry for the grammar because i use google translate and paste the statements quickly, enjoy ...

    17.20 Clock : A warm welcome from the Stadio Comunale di Arco. Here there is beautiful weather, well over 30 degrees yet. The main grandstand is already filled properly - even though the audience had to lie down for 20 euros a ticket. Has on the opposite stand, the crowd made it cozy. The guys in the Trentino-selection are already in the square, the Bayern players are not here yet.

    17.30 Clock: The Bavarians are here and warm up.

    17.40 Clock: The price is especially strong commitment to the photographers and Hanne, Hans Steiner smoke. Today they are driven off by 13 clock in Munich, 20 minutes ago they arrived in Arco, to photograph the game after the game, they go back again. You have an appointment tomorrow at Hildesheim.

    17.55 Clock: The teams are now presented.

    18 clock: The Bavarians begin with: Starke - Rankovic, Dante, Van Buyten, Vrzogic - Luiz Gustavo, Tymoshchuk - robben, Shaqiri, Markoutz - Mandzukic

    18.02 Clock: Heynckes so familiar three youth players from the start. Rafinha that comes first to the second half is already surprising. Stephan Lehmann is now introducing the new arrivals.

    18.05 Clock: Here we go. Bayern in red, light blue in Trentino.

    18.10 Clock: And since he is already there. The expected opening scoring junior players Markoutz, the ten-meter stood at the gate rather freely. Van Buyten had previously awarded.

    1812 Clock: Normally, the Bavarians here today to shoot quite a lot of goals. The best player in the Trentino-selection plays at third-division side FC Tyrol. Bertoldi and Luca just that the 1:0 debt-

    18.13 Clock: tenth minute, second goal. Arjen Robben dances through the penalty area, takes off - and hits.

    18.14 Clock: And there's even the 3-0 since. Scorer again, the young Oliver Markoutz.

    18.20 Clock: Double-scorer Oliver Markoutz the way, is only 17 and Austrians. He moved a year ago by the Academy Red Bull Salzburg in the Bayern youth.

    18.24 Clock: Now also has Mario Mandzukic made his first goal for Bayern. Tap-A at 20 Minute.Trentino coach Maran changes already made, Andrea Darni goes, Paolo Nardin comes.

    18.28 Clock: Robben can do here what he wants. His opponents do not get him to grasp.

    18.38 Clock: And finally a real robben goal. He moves from right inside and curled the ball from the edge of the box into the box. 5-0 for Bayern. robben here so far the best man on the pitch. Shaqiri however, plays a bit unlucky. He tried a lot but produces many false passes - or run past the ball.