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    Hi everyone, I'm Sally - born in Iran and raised in London and Washington DC.

    I always tell everyone that my love for FCB began in 1967 when my mom met der Kaiser at dinner after an international friendlies match in Tehran. She spent a week as the German delegation's hostess/translator during their stay in Iran, then....

    ....13 years later I was born and as you can see, the FCB love continues lol. Whenever people look at the photos of my mum with der Kaiser, they always comment on how my grandfather is standing in between my mum and Franz and watching them like a hawk lol. Personally, I think I would've been der Kaiser's daughter (call me Fräulein Sally Beckenbauer) if my grandfather didn't keep interfering during that week in 1967 LOL ;)

    Okay, now you guys know too much information about me so I'm going to be quiet now and go sit in the corner lol bye everyone xoxoxo

    Who will be at the match on the 27th against Man City?

    FCB just emailed me the confirmation for my tickets. Will anyone be in my area - Block 102 row 3?

    I'm coming from Washington DC and finding a hotel during Oktoberfest now is very challenging (but fun)! If I did it for the quarterfinals in 2009 I can do it now (somehow) =D