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    Hello there my fellow Bavarians! I'm Panos 17 years old from Greece and I'm a die-hard Bayern fan since 2008. I was dissappointed of my domestic football teams for a lot of reasons and I came across Bayern in Champions League match if I remember right. The rest is history. It was like falling in love. I was also studying german at that time so I needed no more. I cannot wait to visit Allianz Arena and München of course.
    Auf gehts FCB!!!!

    well said girl, well said. I don't know what to say. I've never been so dissappointed. We were so close. 90 minutes in their box and still they managed to score. Can't believe it. Robben has again proven that he's not a leader he just can't make it through tough games just like Ronaldo. We don't have the Leader who will take the team in the most crucial of times and score the big goals. Lahm, Robben, Ribery? They're amazing players but they have not the mentality of Kahn , of Effenberg etc. We have to keep our heads up high now and support our beloved FCB more than ever. Not for Hoeness or Rummenigge or anyone but for München and it's great history as a team.
    Greetings from Greece and Kopf hoch Stern des Südens!!!!!!!!

    Where have you heard that? Sure, they talk about signing a big name, but Hoeness has always been like that. Whatever the final's result may be we need a big striker since Olic leaves, and center fuckin backs!!! You can't be one of the 4 greatest teams in the world with Holger Diego and Daniel as the defence line. We have the money we have the name. We need tranfers. Usami didn't worked nor Petersen.

    It'll be a tough match for sure, but I think we can make it. Our team has made great progress since the beginning and we deserve the 5th star. I strongly believe the outcome of the game depends on who scores first. Given that we score first, Chelsea will have to open up in order to equalise the score. With their defense now unorganised we can put pressure on them with both Arjen and Franck to finish them off pretty quickly.In case they score first , we'll have a difficult time, breaking through their strong defence (see how good they repelled any Barcelona attacks in the semi-finals). Not only that but they can break our weakened defence easily especially with Drogba. Contento and Tymo are not ready for such games yet.