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    our defense was very very bad, esp Boating who doesnt fit at all at CB. he is ok as RB but a disastor in CB. i think Tymo should replace him if Van Buyten is not ready by next week. and we should see Swieni, Kroos, Rib and Rob all defending as soon as we lose the ball. swieni should defend in the CB position and ignore the fact that we have two CB`s. other than that, we would lose with 5 again. chelsea has more reasons to look for the CL title than us, coz its his only way to play CL next season, while we are already in CL next season. they will come to attack, maybe with knives and swords to score! we should not under estimate their level of experience, and their will to win!!! Their coach will die to secure his job for the next season, if not with chelsea, with some body else. BEWARE BAYERN, ITS GOING TO BE THE TOUGHEST GAME IN AGES!!!

    The best players against Madrid were: Ribery, Alaba, Lahm & Gomez. i disagree with those saying that Badstuber is not playing well, he is most of the times even covering for Boating when he is CB. Boating fits perfectly as RB not CB! if he goes forward, he is very very late in coming back and Badstuber is covering his vacancy.
    The next game in Madrid will be hell of a game, hopefully a hell for Madrid and Morinho. Hyenckes made a great great job yesterday, and i hope our players go there full of confident and play to win! every body realized that Madrid is just a team like every other team, and they have nothing significant to show!

    i would like to see Gomez, Ribery, Robben Muller, all benched, coz they have alot more than what they are offering!! even Neure is not doing a great great job! lately the only player who got back to his great level was Lahm! Tymo should have a starting role and is much better than Alaba and Gustavo. Lahm should go back to the right back and we should see Pranjic on the LB, u cant judge a player and keep him out the whole season before u try him for 90 minutes! just like Olic.

    i agree with u about Breno, but for Olic and Pranjic, i think its not fair we judge on a player who plays one game every 3 months. my point of view of judging a player is at 90 minutes of play, at least for 3 games, then it would be fair to judge him. put Robbery on the bench for 3 months and see how bad they would get! :)

    Ribery is claiming he is in top form, his best form since he arrived to Munich, well Frank, go to youtube and see what kind of player u were 3 years ago, and look now, u would know that ur performance this season is very very weak! and i dont mind seeing u on the bench even!

    we gave up top spot easily and our strikers were sleeping, just like our midfield. defenders were in comma!
    that's the result of poor bench, and i think the worst player was alaba. while the best was for sure buyten.
    any lessons for our management team? we need more players.
    why Robben warmed up and didn't play? he was ready in our last game.

    Thank You!
    u said alot of what i have in mind. Van Gal know better, that was obvious, because he knows better, and because of that, we are out of everything this season!
    Schalke kicked out magath today, lets see, maybe other teams would take this step also, while we are caring much more about our manager who made all the possible and impossible things to take us out of all contests this season!!!
    as players are sold and have contracts, as long as van gal is here, i would be looking for a contract from any other team, and i mean ANY...

    Except selling the two wingers, i agree on everything that was said. Gomez hair style was a reason, since the winger has to think a hundred times before sending a cross to him, is he two meters tall, or three meters tall, should i count the hair as part of Gomez length or not!!! if i were a team manager, i would shave all their heads, just like ribery and robben.
    Breno, Kraft, Pranjic in the last goal, even Swieni, all had their mistakes. i wonder why a left back leaves all the left flank and defend as a CB, most of our goals came this way, when the LB or RB leaves his space and wants to support the CB`s on the expense of leaving his job!
    what happened between the two halves is the reason for losing, the players can tell exactly what was it.
    OUR PROBLEM, is that we always think we are alone on the play ground!!! we always think that the other team would do all what he can do to let us win, which is so silly!!!
    and another main problem, is that van gal wins the game on 70th minute, and gets out Robben, its crazy, we gave away the win so easily.
    why Klose didn't take place of Muller or Gomez in the last 20 minutes? why stop pushing them, why stop the attempts of scoring, when a goal is at least worth two! 3-1 we were in, 3-2 we are kicked out!!!
    so, in the end we are out, out of everything, the season is over, now the attempts to get a CL spot is all what we can aim to. and i dont feel that we would get it!

    I think Van Gal is the reason for the defeat. Players were extremely good in the first half, in the break the professor changed sth, and made us lose the game. Breno against ETO, Badstuber again and again, Robben out, no body knows why, and i guess the players got tired coz they put all what they can put in the first half. its a pity that we are OUT of everything this season. finito!

    French national team manager says Ribery is not in form to join the french team yet, and i totally agree with that, and as long as he has a fixed starting place guaranteed, he will recover slowly. his starting place should be in danger to let him regain his level.

    very well said dear Sari. we are for sure one of the worst clubs in the word now, at least in our level, which is competing in 3 fronts, and aiming at least 2 awards out of 3, we are the worst club talking about deep of the bench. LVG like to work with 18 players team, but he forgot that when u have 18 players, u usually have 14 fit players. at least the team should be 23 players, any less than that is unacceptable, u should have 2 spare goalies, and 1 spare player for each position, and the spare one is not always on the bench, not at all, he should play full games, at least one 3rd of the games. no player should be always on the field, and has a guaranteed starting place, not because of confidence and these issues, but we should be able to play games with average teams, with having 3-4 players rotated, while in top clashes we have the best 11 players on the field, and they are not exhausted.

    True peddi! you guys are becoming really negative. we defeated them(Inter) at home, one of the toughest pitches to play and then after 3 days we had a game against Dortmund, won't the players be tired?
    my friend we were very happy that we`ve beaten inter at home, but we lost dramatically to Dortmund, and u say that players should be tired, we are just like any top of the league in Europe playing on 3 fronts, and internationally also, at least DFB cup has one game between each two teams, while Spanish cup for ex they play twice in each stage, which means its every week that team is playing two games, while we have some weeks where we dont play in midweek. this should not be a problem, they are professional players, which means, at least 12 hours a day are dedicated to the team, and at least 8 for sleeping, which means in those 12 hours they can have alot of relaxing stretching, treatment, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, physical treatment, psychological care.

    I agree to any idea related to sacking van gal. if we lost to inter, if we dont. Poor Klinsman was sacked for much better results than Van Gal`s!!!