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    Nerlinger and Hoeness need to stop being cheap and transfer enough players to give the coach a decent choice when it comes to the first 11 and a rotation scheme. Just think back at the team that won the UCL in 2001 and you'll see pleny of players fully capable of replacing eachother in teh starting 11.

    * replacement for Rafinha (maybe Adriano < Barcelona)
    * replacement for Breno (maybe Howedes)
    * replacement for van Buyten (maybe Dante/Vertonghen)
    * replacement for Pranjic (Shquiri)
    * replacement for Usami (Dries Mertens)
    * replacement for Tymo (maybe Sahin)
    * replacement for Olic (maybe van Persie)

    Bayern has a good squad and a great footballing coach but for the last 2 years Bayern has been the target of quite a few dirty tactics in the Bundesliga. The team has never benefited from real project management support to make the game of football work again for not against the team.

    When you will eventually get tired of seeing Bayern start matches with virtually no chance of beating weaker opponents please let me know and I will provide you with solutions for all these problems. My contact info is on the Bayern forum.

    BVB and Gladbach have been using these weaknesses in the football rules in the Bundesliga, Barcelona has been using these tricks in Spain and the Champions League while Spain has been using these tricks in the European and World championships.

    It is time to bring some more players. There are plenty of substitutions needed
    * replacement for Breno (maybe Howedes)
    * replacement for van Buyten (maybe Dante)
    * replacement for Pranjic (Shquiri)
    * replacement for Usami
    * replacement for Tymo (maybe Sahin)
    * replacement for Olic (maybe van Persie)

    Lets just hope this isn't a lone transfer and the management learned from the 2001 campaign when the team was more homogeneous in terms of quality rather than today's steep dive between the first 11 and the reserves.

    A world class striker would be a dream and the only striker that I see fitting perfectly at Bayern and making an instant impact would be Rooney but I don't think Bayern will pay 60 million for him.

    Bayern should probably transfer both Mertens and Shaqiri along with Howedes, Dante and Lewandowski. That would sure sound like fixing the team after van Buyten, Breno, Pranjic, Tymo and Olic leave.

    With those players I would really see the coach being capable of rotating the lineup.

    Bayern really needs some world class replacements for van Buyten, Breno, Pranjic, Tymo and Olic. Most of them will leave during the summer and I didn't even mention the fact that there's no real backup for Robbery.

    Let's see some real transfers not just Facebook hoaxes about top players coming to FC bayern.

    @ bbjtin - I would definitely not go for Ayew for 2 major reasons: he doesn't speak German which will make it harder to adapt and he will be away at African Cup games thus missing in the middle of various seasons. This makes Shaqiri a far better choice imho.

    I think that we'll see 3-5 players leaving Bayern this summer: Breno, van Buyten, Pranjic, Tymo and Olic.

    With that in mind, Bayern should probably transfer easy targets like Howedes, Dante, Shaqiri and Lewandowski. All of them are young and with plenty of potential, all of them speak German and one of them actually plays in the German national team.

    I think that this summer Bayern can transfer Howedes to replace Breno and in one year they will transfer someone else to replace van Buyten.

    The Olic issue remains on the table and I really hope Bayern will offer him a 2 year contract. These days I read quite a few rumors about Berbatov which would be a really bad move cause he's too old and failed and ManU.

    One alternative might be Poldi since he's doing pretty well and he can play as a winger as well to backup Robbery.

    Van Persie is a really good player though he is quite fragile. In the past few years he spent about as much time as Ribery on the side lines recovering after injuries.

    I still hope that Olic will get a 1 year conrtact extension and that Bayern will play more with 2 strikers against defensive teams.

    Bayern does need top players and Howedes would be a substantial improvement to van Buyten or Breno.

    With or without Reus the situation remains the same. Bayern needs world class players to strengthen the deference and replace Breno and van Buyten as well as replacing Tymo, Pranjic and Olic in the summer.