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    I have to quote this tweet, because it is so to the point:

    “If you hadn't watched a minute of Bayern Munich this season, you basically just saw the entire season in microcosm in the last 90 minutes.” –

    There is one, more positive, and potentially money saving, question evoked by Roma game. Is a certain Herr Kraft possible long term solution for ageing Butt? He was not bad; in some respect he was even excellent!

    What in heaven’s name is going on??? What was that stroke of genius of Van Gaal to take Muller and Ribery out, Roma could concentrate totally on their attack after that. What a F:ck, I’m so angry and disappointed!!!

    The second half was quite strong from us! Roma could not do anything. I also were very pleased to see that Kroos was showing signs of founding his skills and place in the team!
    And of course: Danke schön Muller und Klose!

    I think we will see a good old Ribery again in the next season if he just would remain injury free. I mean, I think it is not preposterous to claim that we were very close to lose him and that, from time to time, his heart was already in Spain.
    By to way, Wisita, I thought also that Lucio’s gesture after the game was very touching. I am not too macho to say that I kind of miss him. :)

    Hello Wisita!

    I think one thing behind Ribery’s extension might be that for example Real started to think him as a bit risky investment: injuries, problems in private life etc. Also Robben’s remark that in Real he would be just one among many other superstars might have influenced Ribery. Ribery has also realized that Bayern is really committed to improve the team and that Bayern is not so far away from likes of Chelcea, Barca etc. Success in the CL. Realizing that Bayern is really very caring club. When Babbel left for Liverpool in 2000 he said that among the top clubs in Europe Bayern is the most humane and as an example referred to the case of Alan McInally. Some of your might be familiar with Alan’s tragedy. And, of course, money!

    Coming slowly into my senses I want to thank my fellow fans for excellent season with you, and the team for the excellent performance. Let’s hope, that Bayern management has wisdom in the transfer market. We are the supporters of the best club in the world, so ultimately we are always winners.

    Well, this comes from very, very disappointed man, but hey c’mon ball control for Bayern 65% vs. 35%, (must be some kind of world record in CL history for winning team to have so diminutive ball control) I mean, I hate inter, I hate that neo catenaccio, or whatever is that opportunistic shit football Inter is playing. And yes, our defense cannot work independently, but we know it, where were defending midfielders when Milito did his first? And now all the press is again telling what a genius Mourinho is! BAYERN FOR EVER!!

    I know I should not to mess with this situation you two have created between you, but it is Labour day celebrations going on here , and I’ am bit drunk. So, charlie, really if you bet one team, and that team loses, but you happily loose your money, what explains this apparently paradoxical reaction. Is it not that you does not care losing your money, because you are a devotee of the team that actually won? And, moreover, geoldes seems to say, that he has been around: he have seen some horrible low points of Bayern, and he is still here. Who would do that – a devotee, perhaps! And geoldes, it seems that charlie have a religious world view, which makes him little bit edgy with concepts like ‘faith’ and so on, maybe you should not be so confrontational about things around that concept. And Charlie, I like your enthusiasm, but I am little bit uncomfortable with the idea of “real” fan you time to time seem to implicate when you react to something geoldes have said. And the problem, obviously, is, who really have authority to make distinction between a real fan and something else.

    BAYERN!!! There are many heroes tonight: Obviously IVICA OLIC, free transfer from Hamburg goes into CL final being second in CL score sheet together with Ronaldo only one Lionel Messi ahead of them.
    I also want to mention one Altintop, and I’m sure you, my Bayern brothers and sisters, will sing your songs for other heroes I have not mentioned!!!

    We are in the semis, which is very important thing. But what a start again!!!I I almost died watching this game. Our DEFENCE SUCKS, unbelievable! We need good summer transfers so badly. Funny feeling to be happy and disappointed at the same time!

    Hi there geoldes,

    I just said that Gomez deserves some credit for his run which created opportunity for Mr. Duracell. I have no problem with your latest, more nuanced, characterization of Gomez. Never really understood the price tag attached to him: maybe some big bidders we are not aware, which have given confidence to Bayern to think that there is a German jewel Bayern cannot miss.

    Wonderful, wonderful Olic!!! Being fare to Gomez, it was he who brought the ball near to ( or into, don’t remember) the box for Olic to make his move. After making it 0-1 to Manchester Demichelis was quite good.