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    Robben is most definitely in the same boat as Ronaldo and Messi "when hes fit." Think about it this man can single handedly rip apart a defense and get a shot on goal with so much ease it makes the best LBs in the world embarrassed.

    Players that can win games. BIG games. all on their own are a small group that can be counted on your fingers. In our CL run where we got to the final Robben was the X factor. those insane and wild shots that nobody thought were possible all came from him and nearly all of them were game winners. That is Class.

    He may be 2 dimensional with his aproach. but he is sooo good that even knowing what he is going to do cant stop him from doing it.

    Oh and btw i miss this thread havent been here in almost a year glad to be back.

    its not shcweinis job to score. hes our holding midfeilder!

    and yet hes put 3 in the net and we only have five this season so far.

    Schweini should be team captain his late goals show how bad he want the wins to start. He has alot of passion for the team.

    Id say schweini. For the role and position he has been given id say he was close to spotless. last season all he wouldve needed was to score at least half of his shots that came off the bar... and whata you know hes got 3 already =)

    in forward terms... Hands down Robben.
    without his selfishness and sheer skill we wouldve never made it far in CL and we wouldve had to cross our fingers and pray at penalty kicks against schalke in the Cup.

    the way i look at it bundesliga is the most competitive league, u can have promoted teams competing ith the likes of bayern, bremen wolfsburg ect
    huge goal tallies, because at the bundesliga attack is what we do.

    the only other league that i watch is the premeir league alot of talent there, the bundesliga is not at that level yet BUT at least our teams ar not in debt :D

    did anyone watch the Werder Bremen game???

    it was almost as exiting as watching a bayern outing in europe :P

    they go down 3-0 and get back in on aggregat with a late 90+ min goal to send it to extra time!

    then pizarro puts one in at the 100 min mark. bremen make it to the CL, making it 3 german teams in the biggest badest competition in club football.

    buying more players wont be on van gaals mind, he has said many times he prefers a 23 man squad, that way everyone has a chance to play,

    I still beleive we should be on the look out for a solid defender but at this moment i think building a team with what we have is the most efficient way to do it...

    thats how we made it to the finals. teamwork, great chemistry, and fabulous goals from robben and olic... if we conceded less goals it wouldve made our lives alot easier but its just something we need to work on


    just wow.


    was just.


    It seems everyone has said what needs to be said, no need in going over the tally of wonders in the Bayern "TEAM".

    yes team.

    Bayern Munich was a team today people.


    I never predicted this to be the scoreline ill tell you that much.


    GO BAYERN!!!