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    im sorry i didnt mean to yell its just as if your focused on ballack and not enough lol :)

    In the CL domestic matches count for nothing, we can lose 4-0 and go into a CL matchup with a completely wiped mental slate focusing 100% on the match beacause this is a big game and nothing is going to be going throught those playeres minds exept "Win" they will not be phased by a loss draw or win in the match before.

    thats the wonder of european competition. its a whole new level. Lyon will be focused. and they will be deadly.

    We need to stay focused, and once again as i always say to make a home advantage an "advantage" the attendance should be louder and noisier then Lyon have ever experienced. We should be putting fear into the lyon players before they even set foot on the pitch echos of our german fans in the lyon dressing rooms.

    If we just play how we play We will win plain and simple.

    Knowing van Gaal he wont use Tymo even though he should. He has more Cup experience then Pranjic, but Van Gaal will most likely have Schweini on the left mid and altintop on the right mid , if pranjic comes in theyll be switched schweini right and pranjic left.

    Hopefully hell go with Altintop since he showed a great performance against ManU, and tymo has not started with us in quite sometime


    OH MAN, it was 3-0 and i was late to work but i decided to keep watching, my girlfriend said i was crazy and i should go to work, i kept watching and oh my did it pay off.

    Olic you little F'n maniac i love you! Hes our Mr Europe! all my years watching football i have never seen a ball at that high angle, struck that hard, be so accurate. Absolute godlike goal.

    SARII!I!!!!I!I!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you man !!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work looool. again again again!!!!

    Badstuber... he looked emotionless out there i think van gaal should have grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him reaaaaly hard gave him a smack and said 'YOUR PLAYING MANCHESTER WAKE UP!!!"

    hes young and you cant be too hard on the kid, on the other side rafael from ManU is 19 he left the feild after 2 stupid offenses and made our job much easier in the second half.

    i dont agree on the defensive play, we're very good at keeping possesion in midfeild so that would work out well, if we fall back to defend....witch we have never done this season.... we will suffer, by defending well be inviting ManU to attack us constantly especially at old trafford, and thats a big mistake, they are very good at keeping pressure on in the opponents third, it took us a whole 30 minutes to push them out of our half at the start of the game.

    im almost certain van gaal is going to play the Gomez Olic combo, hes stuborn llol but ey. hes the coach.

    i cant criticize one thing in that match. We were excellent. good passing good runs, there was a team out there today.

    deminchilis slipped... it happens. but that man did his job great the othe 88 minutes. They were dominant out there.

    the only thing i couldve wished for was one more goal. and that klose would have started. but im ok with 2-1 and im ok with klose resting up for schalke.

    and ooooooooooooooo man Olic you sneaky devil you. he just robbed the defence of the ball and as if that wasnt enough he sends van der sarr in the wrong direction before he buries it..... i injured my wrist somehow as i celebrated =D,.....did anyone see his gesture twords van gaal to sub him out (rolling of the fingers) LMAOOOOOOO

    i can see bayern making it 8 games in a row without a defeat to ManU next week. Only if we play better than we did today. It will be hard but its possible.

    whats up with everyone saying we need like 400 different transfers. we need one or two players max.

    new worldclass players arent going to make us CL winners
    our team needs to start acting like a f***ing team! and thats pretty much it. if everyone on the pitch communicated well and was comfortable with eachothers runs and decisions then wed score every game. a perfect example is olic and pranjic combo we saw last week, they know how eachother play. according to all of you pranjic is shit but hey if he sends in two wonderfull balls in 20 mins time then hes already better than ribery mueller schweini and robben.

    i havent seen an assist from robben in forever. sure his selfishness gets us goals but how many times has he decided to not send that throughball to klose or olic or mueller.

    TEAM!!!!!! not players

    were in real bad shape, players are fatigued, missing shweini, might be missing robben, ribery still needs more time klose still searching for form after weeeeeeks on the bench, amateur defence and were going into the match with low morale after a home earlier post was how do you say prideful?

    im going to be realistic.

    its a champions league match, all the players know its important and its always easier to see the negative in things, were by far the underdogs and unfortunately we always are against teams like ManU, and that makes victory that much sweeter. Usually bayern plays differently in cup competitions than in the bundesliga its all mental
    the players will give it their all and thats what we need. the smallest bit of enthusiasm can get us a goal. we were in bad form before the shalke match but hey we went a full 120 mins completely controlling the match, but sadly could not find the net (story of bayern munich this season)

    im going to have a stressball handy for this match and possibly a punching bag on standby in my garage.

    Good luck to our team, hope the home crowd causes a huge ruckus and never stops chanting their name, they dont call it home advantage for nothing.


    i think badstuber was doing great on the left he was stopping crosses, runs, shots, and even had a few good runs down that left flank does anyone remember those beautiful left footed crosses of his?

    I myself dont even have the correct tv channels to watch so everything i do is online, i have been through dozens of sites and i found one that was just perfect.

    1-if you take a look at the tabs youll find live sports.

    2-in there youll find more tabs of different sports baseball, rugby, tennis etc.

    3-click on football and it will show a list of every game that is or is going to be played in order by time ( you can select your time zone on the top right)

    4- pick the game by clicking on the little tv icon on the right, it will show a list of links, 80% work fine.

    BUT most of the links require software. sopcast veetle windows media player.

    all you need to do is look at the tabs up top youll see software itll provide links to free software downloads so you can watch Bayern every time =)

    hope all of you benifit from this because i know if someone showed me this site a year ago i wouldve kissed them lol

    I am excited! this game is going to be an all out war. i cannot see Manchester keeping us at 0 or 1 at our home. we will score goals i guarantee that! BUT im pretty sure they will too even with our home fans i see the score roaring at around 4-2 for Bayern and on the return to old traford a possible reverse #. and penalties will be the climax.

    yes very wild guess... sue me...

    that's how manU plays, they attack , and ooooh is Rooney on fire it scares the living hell out of me when i think about it. i cant think of 1 defender who can shut him down except for Lahm, but he cant do it on his own.

    but on the other hand this will be the the first team we will play against that will be willing to give us space. Van Gaals methods were ment for teams like ManU where we can pass keep possession and put pressure on.

    wich brings me to my prediction on goals. ManU will score because of counter attacks our defense is to slow to keep up with them. and we will score on a set piece or two, and a few good worked passing with Klose at the end of them.

    If you asked what would be the most intense exiting matchup.
    Bayern Vs Manchester

    WE'RE THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our defence was nervous and twitchy the entire game it was much too simple for them to get a ball in....
    van buyten as much as i love him was horrible, i beleive its due to his time off on injury, and his first match being a champions league game
    badstuber, was amateur
    Lahm was caught out of position regularly but still did his job good tackles
    . Alaba was actually very good and composed. for Butt, well sure he let in those goals but it was 50% his fault and 50% the defenders for letting fiorentina in such an easy position to score.

    We barely got through, a very ugly game, and this performance makes me pessimistic about our future CL fixture.

    OMG this is a rollercoaster ride, My neighbors came over to see if anything was wrong after Robbens goal...We can do it...please bayern pull through keep this score or make it better!!! C'mon!