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    We do have a problem with defense, but when in the CL the players will be very much more focused on their responsibilities

    we will get through Fiorentina, but as you all know this type of immature defense wont work in semifinals or finals.

    Deminchilis has been giving me the frights lately i know he can be a great defender but i have not seen it since hes been back,

    And as for Van Buyten , yes he may go forward, but he does his job. he defends very well and hes very composed. and if he scores goals then Wonderful for us, i love to see defenders get goals
    its a special kind of feeling one that i was all too familiar with lahm on the left flank, but i see hes grown a very nice niche on the right with Robben

    This team is a winner. and Medals await us, a bit of fine tuning and were almost there.

    i had completely forgotten about Wagner. He's with Bremen now!?!?

    well, what can we do, hes a great talent but something will work out in the long run, i think we have enough good talent up front right now


    your right about that. if the players can keep fit, the only thing that can happen is well just get better, and better, and better. Our finishing will improve as well as our communication in defence. i have my fingers crossed for (the sick month) Febuary.

    i agree we have enough forwards, van gaal was complaining about having too many players.... well... toni is leaving and i dont see a reason for fishing for a new striker,

    i beleive saving the money for a nice big buy would be great a strong well rouned midfeilder would be great, i dont have many examples nor have i looked into the market of who we could possibly buy, .........but i honestly think we should just stick to what we have now, grow a "Team" for once...let there be some uninterrupted chemistry for a season at least

    wow this is the luckiest draw WOW i was thinking we would be the luckiest sons of guns iif we get fiorentina....and whata ya know..WOOOOOOO!!! Bayern into the last 8! .....weve been getting a few strokes of luck this season...and its looking up for us never know.

    van gaal has a nut loose in his brain, he dosent know what real talent is... i honestly think he wants to play a whole lot of shitty players and hope one of them will flourish into a world class player here at bayern for his satisfaction, but this team isnt his f***ing test lab, muller and badstuber were going to come into the first team weather van gaal arrived or not, so they dont count

    im going to miss toni, watch him go on a goal spree this season before leaving, so he can smile at van gaals face

    kroos is doing very well at BL and i beleive him staying there another year now is best considering the mess we have going on at bayern right now, but lets just say magically pranjic and braafeild disappeared...then sure come on in

    ....i remember a while back ulii honess told the media that kroos would wear the number 10 shirt when he has more experience.....looks like it aint happening anyme soon

    thanks i got it ....its just been off on work duties no time for bayern updates =/
    get home sunday afternoon and this is what i see "lahm and toni fined" not the best headliner to come home to.

    ive been waiting for something like this to happen soon, and im so happy it was lahm that was the one to stand up and speak... he is the the perfect voice for bayern being here since the age of 11..... a revelation at bayern is needed. the mood out on the pitch was just angry. thats all i saw on the players faces, no one at bayern is happy now... and im sure its not going to get better soon but you know what i think that is best.

    this club need to pull the handbreak because they are going fast in the wrong direction and thats what i think Lahms interview was ....his way of hitting the breaks because if he didnt do it now we would be too far and too lost...bravo for him

    his words on the "Philosophy" of the team gave me a chiill because it is exactly what i kept thinking but just could not conjure into words.

    lets see what plays out during this international break, alot of thinking and realization is about to take place.... maybe some moves from management could be bad...but im going to be all over the updates on this matter.

    ooops lol
    yes lahm definatley, my mistake, deminchilis too he showed his presence greatly in his few games,


    can someone please tell me what happened after the shalke game and why toni and lahm have been fined??????????

    please this is really troubling me.

    see the thing is wisita nobody has the same passion at this club as they did back then, its almost like theyr all there for their paychecks, their free audis, and a nice place to stay in sunny ol munich

    you can definately spot the players who want to win... Van buyten, Ribbery, Robben, Toni, T. Muller.... the rest of the team is going with the flow...

    im deeply embarasssed,
    i usually stand up and fight for my team when someone says they suck, but i just cant, i just have to ride it out, and say, "well be back" knowing that that time is nowhere close by,

    i know deep inside this team is more, i was extremely angry before the game because a part of me knew we were going out there with an empty gun in our hands.

    i dont want to blame van gaal anymore, the players have to show what they can do, show that they arent pushovers, they have to man up to the responsibilities they have....

    Braafeild........... to all of you saying that he is shit...... i completely agree with you! BUT if the whole team showed his effort out there we would have won this game in the first half..................

    i dont even want to continue commenting on this, i will always be a bayern fan, i will always beleive in my team, in times like this we have to be behind them 100%....but damn this is hard

    this season has been a mess, and im scared.

    Bayern absolutely MUST win this match no ifs and buts we MUST win!!! Im sick of watching a group of grown men capable of much more doing very little! WE ARE BAYERN! We shouldnt be sttressed out in the group stage of any competition Period.

    We have to go out there and Attack! yes! Attack!
    something that disappeared this season all together van gaal has been focusing on passing passing passing..... well this isnt the netherlands.
    this is the german bundesliga and Bayern scores F#@%ing Goals!!!

    >:| >:-| !! !! !! !!


    ive never been so angry watching a football game before, foul after foul after yellow card after yellow card after red card after red card after spot kick after spot kick!!!!!!!!!!! that was a complete nightmare! sooo many free kicks that we gave away soo many loose balls bad passes,
    we did well until we conceided and then muller was sent off then the jenga tower fell,
    today was a day of the worst luck mixed with the worst referee, the only good thing that happened were jorge butts amazing saves, that guy deserves a medal

    Bayern played well for a ten man team but in the end it was just horrific to watch.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Seriously, I think we shouldnt sell Toni at all unless we are planning to get another creative midfielder. For now, we have 5 strikers. But dont forget that in a long season, we could see injuries and suspensions. Klose and Toni are easily injuried now as they are getting much older. Beside, Mueller is untested in big stage, so I guess is better to keep Toni around unless there is a huge offer coming in, which I mean over 8-10mil Euros.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    yes i see what you mean, and now Klose is injured, wow this aggravates me so much seeing injuries pour in like this, but im also glad that Muller and Olic are on board for this particular reason,
    i don't see any offers for Toni coming in soon but you never know.

    i personally believe Toni should be considered.... i know i know he scored many goals in 08, but i don't see his place here at Bayern, we now have Gomez who is a very similar forward, big, can get in headers, and has unbelievable composure in front of goal and he's actually fit!!
    i don't see Toni getting better soon and if he does i have a feeling this problem will reoccur, with players like Olic, Muller, Klose, and Gomez he should be a possible transfer. It would make the trainers happier to work with less strikers, and it would be easier to focus on the 4 remaining strikers.

    i dont mean to be this harsh against Toni but hes been in n out of injury and lately he hasn't been too well on the pitch.