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    i think we can win this bayern is playing better at away matches :)

    i just hope that demichelis and van buyten will play! my prediction for the line up is

    --lahm---van b.(tymoshuk)--demi(badstuber)--contento
    ------------van bommel--------shweini------------

    i think it's enough if one of the centerbacks play because tymo can take the other's position unlike badstuber 8-)


    well i never miss bayern's matches, and i said he plays fine as a defensive midfiedler but he performs much better if he plays as a left wing. just remember the last world cup, the perfect duo lahm and shweini, they were unstoppable. and now it's all different lahm playing on the right and shweini midfield which are also fine they're doing a great job but still there's something missing they were better with their old positions.

    hey guys how are you?? it's been a long time that i havent signed in, because of :-S
    anyway i just want to say that last wednesday if anyone noticed that schweinsteiger played very good, because he played his real position, which is LEFT WING!! he started as a left wing at bayern, and moved on to the national team and now hes playing as a midfielder which is fine! but he performs much better if he plays as a left wing and on wednesday i was really happy to see that and i was so confident that if ribery goes, we have a replacement and a much better one! a player who is bavarian and a player who loves his club!!!!!! :8

    nice comment nark!

    MUNICH FANS SHOULD PROTEST AGAINST THE MANAGERS OF BAYERN (hoeness, ruminegge..) like juve fans do and ac milan fans did last year for kaka to stay.... it seems that no1 cares... imagine germans living in munich dont care! what should the fans around the world do?? :(

    to yohannes
    i just wanna say that no one reads our comments about the matches and the transfers. you think uli hoeness or ruminege check bayern's forum every day?? :D hehe so dont bother to write all these stuff about please buy this player... please sell this player.... i dont wanna dissapoint you but this is the truth!! sorry!!!

    i just want to say that gomez sucks he used to play alot better when he was in stuttgart and he doesnt deserve 30million!! bayern's transfers are always like this 80% of it suck and the 20% match. for example from all the transfers of the last 3 years they all arent performing well like breno, gomez, pranjic, sosa... except ribery toni robben, oddo was amazing he shouldve stayed! im sure bayern thought about bringin young players but it didnt work! they couldve kept him AND bring youngsters, that way they can learn from an expert like oddo!... im really tired of critising bayern's transfers coz in the end we cant do anything about it! this cant continue like this!!!

    Im really annoyed with bayern munich's scouts. why are we sending sosa back to argentina?? we should send him to to a european team such as osasuna, espagnol, or sampdoria, napoli, fulham... so that he can experience the european football and be beneficial for us!!!

    youre totally right but we started playing with 10 players after 30 minutes. the next 15 minutes of that half the whole team was lost. and after that half im pretty sure that van gaal told the players to try to make counter attacks because everytime lahm or altintop had the ball they werent attacking they were always passing to the defense...we're not like barcelona or manchester to score or not to be affected after a red card! therefore we just have to think about the future now its not van gaal's fault the team didnt have much luck they were playing so aggressive coz bordeaux were too fast. now i just hope that ribery recovers as soon as possible... at least for the match against juventus!!

    Guys i think we did a great job, thomas mullers red card wasnt a red card the referee gave the yellow card right after his 1st one which is not fair and the tackle doesnt deserve a yellow. plus i think hat tymoshuk was the best player in that game he was giving his best and was playing like he was playing for Ukraine for his own country unlike van bommel! 8-) and dont forget that it was tonis second match with the first team this year and he still was good imagine what he will do in Allianz Arena ;-) and plus dont forget that we didnt have ribery and robben! and we still managed to attack and try to score some goals. GUYS WE CANNOT ALWAYS WIN!!! YOU ALWAYS COMPAIN van gaal is a great coach he has a lot of experience in the CL therefore we must trust him!! i think we will crush bordeaux in MUNICH!!! :8

    I think today we sucked. its good that we won. we were just lucky in the last minutes. there wasnt any chemistry between the players. no1 had vision no1 was passin.. the passes were to on the right to ribery or to the left to robben n they werent doin any good. instead they were doin worse they should play with the strikers pass the ball... play 1 2 but i didnt see that with them. i hope they will change eventually!

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">We just lost our best defender

    obviously the team is giving van gaal full trust...

    i personally don't like this coach, neither like his methods and way of acting...

    i remember when he was coaching at Barcelona and he had this two argentinians guys (riquelme and saviola) on the bench all the time...that team always played bad football and he always was criticized by everybody because he didn't want to let this players play... probably the reason: his foolish pride..

    or maybe he hate south american players....</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------
    dude lets just see what he can do... the season didnt start yet and ure sayin hes a bad coach! cmon chill :8

    i think we should not sell toni, we should keep him as a backup, i think we are a big club and we should start acting like one. The club must be bigger than the player and not the opposite side, for example if toni wont be in the first 11, he will decide to leave... thats nonsense, he should be happy to be in this team and should not put conditions... for example last year i dont know if it was true.. he was going to leave if bayern did not bring an italian player.. Anyway the thing that is happening with rebiry is driving me crazy if he wants to leave then so be it!! 8-) im sick of this story i dont want him to leave hes a great player but if he doesnt want to stay then he should go just like c. ronaldo