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    MR Easter Bunny, i'm asking the followings(don't say no, we both know you can do better):
    1. Sell Super Mario Fail or give him for charity to...any team!
    2. Keep Klose for at least 1 more year and give him playing time.
    3. Let Tymo, Buyten and Pranjic go.
    4. Instead of those Easter eggs, please bring us a solid central midfielder for next year, either a left or right back and 1or 2 central defenders(Hummels or Subotic would be too much to ask, but any of their calibre and under 30 will do ;) )

    common man, tuborg is worse here than in my home country. And besides that is too freaking expensive.In the supermarkets, a tuborg at 33cl can costs 5 krones + the pfant(money for the can which you'll get back when you take the cans back), so that's around 80 cents for 1 beer. That's too fuc*ing expensive. In the cheapest pub(the students pub) a heinecken at 33 cl costs 20 krones which is around 2.8 euros...
    So, i'm not feeling quite good here :P

    let Breno, Badstuber and Contento play together until the end of the season, and make a decision in the summer. Either let go both Breno and Badstuber alongside Buyten, or just let go Buyten and one of those two and bring in Hummels and/or Subotic.
    Make up our mind about Kroos and it's role as well as Schweinsteiger's role in the team. If Kroos cannot find a place in the team until the end of the season, let him go and bring Sahin or give tymo his place in the midfield and advance Schweini a bit more.
    Sell SuperModel for...anything you can get on him and buy a younger version of Klose. Or lock Robery, Muller and Gomez together in the same room for the rest of the season to let them...get to know each other(in any way they want as long as they will be efficient next season)
    And finally, start thinking BIG and in long term. It will be much cheaper than changing the coach each 2 years and 4-5 players each 3-4 years. Make a long term strategy, find the right people in charge of the project, set them goals, set team goals,give them time and patience and when you get results, pay big for reaching those goals!
    We really miss a clear objective, a good strategy and stability. We can be one of the richest and prosperous clubs in the world if you don't have stability inside the club!

    Guys, common, lighten up...when you lose like we did this season, everything with 2 months before the end of the season you shouldn't get down by should have the best laugh because honeslty, it cannot get worser than this.
    I agree with most of the opinions you guys suggested and i would like to add these:
    -why play "ban buitan" in a crucial UCL match against the same team he screwed up in the final and more than that after so much time on the bench?! Doesn't matter, Van Gaal knows better.
    -why still play Pranjic on the left after he screwed up so many times there? Actually, why play Pranjic at all when he cannot find his place anywhere on the field?Again, Van Gaal knows better.
    -why did nobody see that when toni left the part of the link between the wings and the strikers also left?And the other part is missing every time Klose is on the bench. But anyway, Van Gaal knows better.
    - why were we so stupid to think that a 30 millions super-model can do better in front of goal than a 21 years old kid(Muller) and two old men in their 30's (Klose and Olic)?Again Van Gaal knows better.
    -why didn't we do sth about the defense when everyone is complaining about it and more than that we're suffering from it for the last....3 years?
    -why sell THE CAPTAIN when you don't have a better replacement inside the team?
    -why did ribery cannot cross anymore?Most of his corners are short and his free kicks got poorer.
    And the list can go on...
    To the management: when you disrespect your employer, your team, your club, its colours and everything that Bayern represents-this is what you get!!!

    Kroos didn't play that well this season, Contento was injured most of the time.
    I'm sure Neuer will be a gread addition but, i' also sure that Kraft needs a chance, which can be a loan period or some matches in the spring.
    What about Hoewedes? we wanted him last term, he still shows some quality even if it doesn't seem to be as it was last season, and is proven that buyten and demichelis aren't reliable, tymo isn't really a central defender, and breno needs a bit more time.

    indeed our play really changed with van gaal, and it really is more spectacular and more productive, but we have 2 main problems this season: defense, and the last pass in the 16 meters field. we hold the ball very well, we pass very well but when it comes to play the striker, something doesn't "click".

    it was a really good match from our team, with minor defense problems(as usual) and lack of concentration and clearance in front of goal. But we had a good midfield line(except for altintop), and with klose in, our offensive power increased.
    Why the hell didn't they sell gomez this summer, beats the heck out of me! And Altintop should really pull himself up, playing like that will only get him back on the bench!
    All in all, danke Muller!!!

    Van der Wiel looks better when it comes to run with the ball on the right, or support the construction on the right part of the field, but i didn't see him that solid when it comes to defense.He would probably pair nicely with Robben, and will have 2 lethal flanks when it comes to construct and attack, but how good can he defend?
    And about Robinho, don't know if he's wanted or if he's needed...A player like him(brazilian, fast, tehnique) is always bringing sth interesting in the game, but do we really need him?or better, does Van Gaal need him?

    if van gaal rarely picked him this season, the same will happen next season too.Even though he would be extremely helpfull, maybe partnering up with olic in front of goal, i don't think Gaal, will live Muller to the bench or Gomez, just to give him one last season...

    ksparx: contento played for the youth of italy and said that if to be called he'll go play for italy as a senior, and will reject germany. But indeed, Contento in the Germany's squad would have been nice....

    because a latin player always tend to show off more or less his individual skills and his tehnique. And are less responsible concerning tactics and organization(best example, lucio and his individual runs). And we already have enough problems concerning organization, especially in our defense. And for showing their skills we have robery.

    and i mentioned lahm next to ribery and robben, probably you didn't read the post carefully...