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    I agree sagthun. We need one more striker. Oilc fitness is still a question and if Gomez is not finding the net, Petersen is our only other option. We should move fast and buy a top quality striker. Look at Man city, our Opponets in the CL, they have so many quality attacking players and now they are starting to gel and with the inclusion of Nasri and Augero, they look very strong and don't forget Dzeko who has played against us before.

    We must win the group so that we don't get the top teams in the next round and we can plan our progess to the final. Napoli and Villareal are not easy to get past as well, our group consits of teams from the top four leauges in the world. Anything can happen. We cannot assure that we will finish top. We must invest. If we fail to invest in top players and we will end up failing short of our targets. I hope the board, takes a look at our opponets and bring in a couple of players, before the transfer window shuts. Having Gomez and Petersen as our only fit strikers for the next 2 months is a huge strain on our resources at home and aboard.

    Players that we can still buy,

    Jeremy Toulalan, Simon Kjaer ,Jan Vertonghen,Ibrahim Afellay, Marko Marin,Lars Bender(highly unlikely that leverkusen will sell).

    The squad needs plenty of fine tuning, if we are to reach the final of the CL. Hopefully, we have a historic season up ahead.

    If we can get Essien, that will be fantastic. It will be a good pairing with Basitan schweinstger in the middle and i am sure we have no weakness in the midfeild area. If we get Boateng and Essien, our first 11 is complete.

    It seems that Chelsea wants to sell Essien. Just imagine if we can buy him and play him alongside Bastian Schweinsteiger, it will be a fantastic midfeild pairing. If we get Essien and Boateng, it will complete our squad and we have a good chance of making the CL Final this season. I am sure Essien would be a good asset for Bayern.

    Players we should buy, besides Neuer.

    Marko Marin
    Sven Bender
    Petr Metrsacker

    Players we should consider buying

    Denilson( as a backup player)
    Essien( worth a bid)
    Hitlzerperger( free and does provide good crosses and packs a awesome shot)

    Pls improve our backline so that our defence remains strong. No use buying the best goalkeeper in the world, if our back 4 is terrible. Any chance of buying Marko Marin. He can fill in for either Robben or Ribery if they are injured.

    As a backup striker, can we sign JO for next season? I think he has plenty of potential and Man City will let him go for cheap. Brazil strikers have always fit in well to Bayern. Can someone highlight this to the board, just to consider this option??

    Agree with bbjtin, even FC Barcelona spends a fortune each season on players like David Villa given their depth in talent. A good team needs a strong defence and attack with a fine mix of youth talent and quality players to lead the team. Sadly our defence department lacks the players calibre that i have mentioned.

    We need a win guys!!!!!! If Spurs can show that it is not impossible to win at the San Siro, we can do it as well if we play to our best of abilties. We should look forward to win this match. This time we do have ROBBERY to face them since Ribery was suspended in the final. We should be able to advance from both legs if we display the form that took us to the final last season.

    Thank you Bastian Schweinsteiger for staying on with us. A true Bavaraian!!!!!

    Now we need to reward his faith in us by purchasing players that will take the club forward and win our next Champions league title by 2012. Hope we get Inter Milan at the Champions league for a chance to take revenge.

    Moreover i think he was promised some new additions to the squad if he stayed on. Mourhino so badly wanted to sign him and any professional player would have loved to go to Real Madrid, full of star players and coached by one of the best coach in the world but he choose to stay with Bayern. I am sure we will use this to make our squad stronger and have a exciting finish in 2011.

    It is a huge mistake to put Tymo as a Centre Back last weekend against Schalke just to accomade Mark Van Bommel. Tymo has done so well in the Centre Midfeild position in Bommel's absence. He should have kept his position but no, Van Gaal had to change it.

    Damn disapointed. Our title hopes are over. But hopefully we can challenge for the Champions League with a few purchases during the Winter break.

    What is important is that we have to sing, Neuer, Hummels and Howedes next season and of most important of all qualify for next season's Champions league since the final is held in our stadium in 2012.

    I already foretold that we took 2 steps back after last season when we did not purchase any player this season. We must promote youth talents AND BUY players each season. Look at last season, we developed Thomas Muller and bought Robben. That is a fine example. Even Barcelona who have so many good players still spend money to buy David Villa.

    No use having 18 yrs of profit when we only have 1 Champions league thophy to show for it. Or else we will be just like Ajax, a former great in the Champions league.

    Oh dear, just saw the news at ESPN at Van Gaal wants to sell Schweinsteiger for 30 Million Euros. If we want to win the 2012 Champions league at our stadium, we have to keep him. I am quite fed up that we took 2 steps backward by not purchasing any player and over depending on Robben and Ribery.

    Hope that Van Gaal fine tunes the team for the Champions League glory.

    Can Bayern try to buy Rooney as well? Just imagine, Robben, Ribery, Rooney with in form Gomez. It will be a very dangerous attack. Most importantly we need defenders like Hummels. I still believe we are 4 signings away to win the CL title.

    We also need a new goalkeeper as well, although it is the piroity for the next season.

    Yesterday's defeat to Maniz showed our faliure to add on any new players to our squad which costs us dearly.

    I felt Bayern should have bought Ozil,Khedira and Van der Vaart despite knowing how Injury Prone Robben and Ribery are.These 3 players cost 30 million. If you ask me, that is a bargain.

    We should also should have strengthen our defence but we failed to so and we are right back where we are at the start of last season. I don't know if we can recover back to repeat last season's achviements esp when our main rivals at home and in Europe just got more stronger.

    Pls realise that every season we need to buy new players, not only to imporve our squad but bring even better performance from the current team so that they can earn their starting 11 spot. We seemed to take 2 steps backward after going a step forward last season

    The team deservered to get booed by the fans. It is a terrible display and all my 15 yrs of supporting Bayern, that is one of the worst performances i have ever seen.A Bayern side lacking defensive qualities and could not put away our chances. How can we lose at home to Maniz?? I am still wondering.

    I agree with you Charlievera that Balance is very imporant but i still feel Bayern should sign 1 world class player for every new season just to give to good competion for the starting 11.

    Why i feel a world class defender is very important is becuase of our defence is not very stable and if we have a new world class defender along with Lahm, there is only 2 more spots open for the first 11, thus the other defenders have to work hard and play well when they are given the chances.

    It is amazing that we have not bought any player after a successful season. We should add 3-4 players each season. Like how charlievera highlighted that we should have bulit on the success in 2001.

    We had a good season but we need to buy 3 more players which i feel could make the diffrence between last season and Champions league glory. Just disapointed that the Bayern board has not forseen that.

    Our rivals in Europe have strengthed their squads big time and we want Bayern to win the Champions league soon, we have to invest in a couple of world class players to complete our squad. We got the foundation and some great players. I just feel we need 2 world class centerbacks and a another up coming striker and we are complete.

    Well July is almost over and we are still not linked to a major transfer purchase. Really feel that Bayern needs to get a world class centerback and a up coming striker for our team. The rest of the positions are well covered, maybe we need to get a goalkeeper as well.

    Hope Bayern has to make these purchases. We all knew what happened when Klinsmann, only bought in Tim Browoski on a free transfer and used the team that won the double in 2007/2008. We must always look forward in adding quality in our team every season. Take Barcelona for example, 2 seasons ago they bought Ibramohvic and now they bought Villa.

    I would like to see a Brazilian striker playing for Bayern, just like Elber in the past. At the moment, it will be nice to see Bayern trying to buy Carlos Eduraro. Although Butt has played very well for us, we need to look for the future and must sign either Adler or Neuer.

    I always wanted to see Petr Metersacker sign for Bayern. He is the kind of Centerback we need. He did have a decent world cup for Germany as well. We have to spend if we are going to win the Champions Leauge. Look at Inter Milan last season, they invested big and won a historic treble. We too bought Gomez and Robben for huge sums. Although Gomez is fully yet to justify his price tag, we played well and got another double and came touching distance of winning the treble.

    Bayern needs to buy, even now i am seeing players like Van der Vaart linked towards Chelsea. Van Gaal is a fantastic coach and likes to invest in youth. We do have plenty of that in Bayern. We need a couple of high profile signings. That will also boost the morale of the team, which shows that Bayern is a serious contenter for the Champions League

    Hey folks, i am back after taking a small break since the World cup has ended. Nice to see the possible players being linked to Bayern. Can i throw 1 more hat to the ring??

    What about trying to purchase Luis Suarez?? I know he caused the "Hand of God" in that match with Ghana, but this striker pumped in 35 goals at the Dutch league last season and was voted the Dutch Player of the yr.

    He is only 23 and i am sure this could be good purchase for Bayern. I am sure under the guidance of Louis Van Gaal, he can become much better. I am surprised that he is not linked with any clubs. He did play very well for Uruguay at the world cup besides the Handball Incident.

    What about trying to get RVP from Arsenal?? He is young and he is one of the future, although he won't be cheap. If Van der Vaart does come to Bayern, then Robben, Van Bommel and VDV can help to influence RVP to join Bayern.

    He is wasting his time and career in a club like Arsenal.Fabergas is looking certain to leave to Barcelona so Arsenal will miss their main playmaker. RVP is a good buy, the kind of strikers we need to buy for the long term.