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    It's been a long time since i last posted in here, for a good reason too. I can't believe people want to see Gomez leave and in return buy Dzeko. The man has scored 15 goals in the last 11 games and you are still complaining? Wow.. just unbelievable!

    And no way Neuer is coming this winter, he can't even play ChL for us and Schalke are also qualified for the K.O. rounds. How naiv are you to believe that..

    We are talking about a 20 year old player, he still has a lot of time to develop. And unlike Müller he still needs to integrate in the team and learn our gamestyle. Let's talk about Kroos again in the winter when he has had a few more games in our team/system.

    van Gaal only said that about Kroos to push him forward to make a better effort on the field, as he did in the second half against Roma. Even the German media said the same thing about van Gaal critizising Kroos. I see a better player in Kroos than you do, so we have very different opinions. He needs time do integrate with the team and he will become a key player for us in the future.


    True, but i don't think our board will spend that much money in the middle of the season. If something is going to happen i think it's going to be a loan. Like i said, the big players almost always transfer in the summer.

    But i would agree on the fact that Dzeko would be a great player as our only attacker. A new replacement for van Bommel would also be great. A world class CB and a keeper like Neuer would also be good. That would be the transfers i would make. A lot of money i know, but we could have made some of the transfers this summer, but our board was sleeping.

    I think Kuyt is a player who plays like Olic and Müller. He runs a lot of miles, works very well for the team and is clinical in front of the goal, but he is no target striker who can pull players to him, like Gomez who can pull 2 players to him and thus make more room for the other players. He is more of an attacking wing wich we have enough players of like Ribéry, Robben(when he is fit), Müller, Olic, Altintop and even Kroos.

    Kuyt plays Europa League, that means he can play ChL if we bought him in the winter, i think. But Liverpool don't have any money, so i don't think it's gonna happen. But let's wait and see if Gomez gets a chance to prove himself.

    I don't think we are going to buy any good CB and attacker in the winter transfer window, because all the "good" players play ChL and can't play in the ChL for us later. All the big signings are done in the summer, most transfers in the winter are young talented players or players going on loan. As much as i also would like better players for our weak spots it's just idiotic to buy players in the middle of the season who need to adjust to our gamestyle and with Breno coming back from his injurie and our overcrowded attack it's not happening unless players are sold.

    I think the last player scoring a goal from a corner was van Buyten last season. Not sure though..

    On the other hand i feel like people are a little naiv about Contento's performance. For me he played a good game, a rock in the defense and with some pretty decent crossings. Sure he didn't play that offensiv, but Altintop didn't really contribute to that either. Kroos also played a great game and he should be in the starting 11 for the next match!

    I think it's because the other teams have trouble keeping their best players. Just take a look at Bremen, the last few years they where forced to sell players like Özil, Diego, Klose, Micoud and Pizarro(Even though he has returned). They have to replace their best players almost every season, watch Marin, Mertesacker or Naldo leave the club in 1-2 years.

    So if the German teams could keep their best players, we would probably see the same teams compete for the first 4-6 places in the Bundesliga and thus compete more constantly in Europe..

    Well we apparently have different views on when a player is world class. I can agree with you that you can't find a player who has the same style of play like Müller and that's what makes him special. We all saw the difference bewteen when Müller played for the German team at the WC and when he didn't. It was like night and day. But if Müller can show a constant high level like last season i will agree on the fact that he is a world class player. Until then, let's keep it a little modest.

    To me Ibra is and has never been a world class player, he is so overrated! If you ask me Inter made the deal of their lifetime when the got Eto'o + cash for Ibra.

    Only thing im worried about for this season is the GK and CB position. There's just not enough quality on those positions to compete for the ChL trophy. Our board must be living in denial if they think our defence is good and they put their faith and hopes in the 20-year old Breno who yet hasn't proven anything besides a few good games for Nürnberg and who's just coming back from a long term injurie.

    Müller a world class player? Come on.. let the kid play at least 1 more season like the last season to confirm what we saw last year wasn't a 1 year show and then we can talk about a player who can become a world class player. Messi wasn't a world class player after 1 season, that's a title you earn after a couple years on a constant high level.

    VDV is no WING, so wich position should he play if he came? Attacking Midfielder, and we already have Kroos on that position. No need and not happening!

    On the part about Gomez i hope it's not true..

    For next season we need a new GK, and depending on how Contento, Breno and Gomez develope we need to make new transfers for LB, CB and striker. If van Bommel decides to leave after this season (i hope so) then we need someone for our DM/CM too. And again if Demichelis and Tymo are sold and Altintop and Ottl leave on a free transfer we need to replace them.

    So we are indeed going to spend €80-100mil next summer :D

    Valbuena is not coming, he said it himself earlier today as i recall.

    If Lahm and Schweinsteiger would sign new contracts until 2015 it would be great news, then we only need Robben and Kroos to do the same thing and we would have Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Kroos, Ribéry and Müller until 2015. And Badstuber until 2014. That's a pretty good foundation for the future!

    I think wrote something about €3mil. for Sosa, but anyways i'm glad he is sold.

    What i don't like is what tz wrote today:…or-wechsel-tz-892611.html

    If Demichelis AND Tymo are going to leave us in this transfer window and we don't buy any new players i see our defence tear into pieces if we get an injurie!

    Did i say that? No! Nerlinger and van Gaal who are responsible for the team say they don't want any more players, but rather want to sell players.

    Just like the rest of you i would love a worldclass CB to come.

    And on the Lufthansa sponsorship, there is absolutly nothing about it in the German press (as far as i know about). So to me it's pure bs until someone shows me some real facts! Uli Hoeness will make damn sure that no sponsor tells Bayern who og what to buy, i can tell you that much!!!

    No not really..

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Holen die Bayern noch einen Neuen? Nerlinger: „Nein! Wir werden definitiv nicht mehr auf dem Transfermarkt tätig werden, sondern mit Badstuber, van Buyten und Breno in die Saison gehen. Außerdem kann auch Timoschtschuk ohne Anpassungsprobleme dort spielen.“ Und dann gibt es ja noch Amateur Haas.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------