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    Bayern I thin need 2 new CBs unless they feel van buyten or badstuber have what it takes to help this team to the Champions League Final. The club needs a top of the line world class CB and I too dont think Alex is the answer. I actually dont know who the team could get that would really make the deffense a feared one.

    I couldnt be more excited for todays game. I think I am really liking the fact that Bayern are the underdogs in this game. The game is going to be a lot closer than most people think it will be. Even with out Ribery, Bayern will do fine and they will prove that the team has the depth to be the worlds best club. GO BAYERN MUNCHEN!! Bayern 2-1 over Inter with goals from Olic and Robben.

    Way to get the win Bayern, but the goal they gave up could hurt us. I knew right way when they brought on Contento they we would probably give up a goal, and the ball went right to his mark when Fiorentina scored. I would have put Tymoshchuk out on the flank instead. Offensivly, the passing was horrible, along with some of the first touches. The team deffently stepped their game up in the final 20 minutes, but they should have won atleast 3-1 even if you disallowed Klose's goal. I am now looking for a 2-1 win in the next leg to send Bayern through.

    On another note, nice to see that Real Madrid, Arsenal, and AC Milan all lost. If those 3 were to go out, that would be good news for Bayern if they go through.

    I would like to see the club go get Metzelder, and have him try and battle for a starting CB spot and help make our deffense stronger. I wish this was a move we could make this month, but I know it probably wont happen until the summer. Then there is the Ribery deal, I hope we can hold on to hom for atleast one more season. If we do I would like to see the club go out and bring in a top striker, and a elite GK. If the club wants to win the Champions League again, we need to have depth, becuase, you never know when the injury bug will hit the club.

    If the team can not fight their way back and win this game, then I say its time to start looking at getting rid of van Gaal. The guy is doing worse then Klinsmann did last season, and we have a much better, and deeper sqaud this season. I just do not understand why this team is playing so poorly. If things dont change by Christmas break then its time we find a new Manager.

    I cant believe Robben is coming to Bayern. With him the team really has the depth to compete in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. I am really excited for this season, and am hoping this week the team gets on their winning ways and catches fire. Lets Go Bayern.

    I think with the sales of Lucio and Borowski we should get Phillip Senderos from Arsenal. They are looking to sell him having plenty of depth in the CB spot. I think he would be a great pick up with a lot of experience. I think Seneros and Demechelis would work well together and he could be a key figure in getting this team far in Europe. Plus the best part is he is still young and could have him for a few years.

    Bayern keep saying that they are looking for a RB, I think they need to go out and get a world class CB, because van Buyten just is not the answer for a team trying to win the Champions League. I say they move Lahm to RB and put Braafheild at LB, or keep Lahm at LB and have Lell at RB. I also think that if it comes to it that they might put Tymoshchuk at CB, and he could become another Demichelis.

    Really I dont care what they do, as long as it leads to them winning the league and can make it to atleast the semi-finals of the CL.

    I am deffently upset with Lucio leaving,as it will weaken our team, if we dont fill his spot. I just hope that we can go out and get a world class deffender. I would have liked to seen us get Oguchi Onyewu. He would deffently have been a great pick up for a low price. I trust Demichelis, but dont trust van Buyten or Breno. So now its time for the club to go out to get a man to replace Lucio. I am thinking they should look at Metzelder if Real Madrid are willing to dump him, the only problem is any moves with Real will deffently involve Ribery.

    We need to go out and spend big bucks on a Keeper, Right Back, 4th striker and a winger. Guys I would bring in would be Frey, Robben, Gomez, and maybe Grosso. I also think we need to get another CB like a Mexes to come off the bench, and give Breno a little more time to develope.Lastly if we could get Hleb, without letting Ribery go that would be a good pick up.

    Hey does anyone know if Joseph Ngwenya was signed by Bayern or if he is just with the team on a trial. I told you guys a few months back that Klinsmann was interested in the guy. He would deffently be a cheap #4 striker to have on the team. I just hope that Klinsmann can get 1 more big name player into the club, so we have the depth to win the Champions League.

    I will say that I would like to see Shev come to Bayern, but that will never happen. If we do get Gattuso, I will be very happy, but I think we need another Ribery, to give us the much needed pace outside. I say we need to splash out the big cash on a winger, bring in a back up GK, a CB, and another ST, to go along with Gattuso. I will say though that I dont see a new deffender unless we let some one go.

    Well now that Flamini is going to AC Milan, and Gattuso wants to go to England, I think we will have to look to get a top class winger. I must say though I never wanted Flamini, as I dont think he is that great, and I will bet you that he doesnt get that much playing time next season as he will not do will in Italy. I want Gattuso, but I see him either going to Chelsea, Liverpool or now Arsenal. With Arsenal needing him the most now that Flamini gone, and them needing an older experienced player. I would love to have him here at Bayern, but unless we blow his mind with an offer or England doesnt come calling, and Rangers doesnt then thats our chance. So Im going to say that we will have to deal with van Bommel, Ze Roberto, and Borowski for next season. I would love to get Nasri, but I cant see Marseille selling two of their best midfielders in two years to us. I still say we need to go and raid Real Madrid and get Metzelder and either Robben or Sneijder. I think if we can get 2 of the 3 that it will deffently help in our effort to make a run in the Champions League. I also say that we can not let Schweinsteiger go as we will need the depth if we want to look for a treble again.

    First off Kaizer are you done bashing Bayern Munich and all of German football? It is not our problem that the rest of the league is not spending the money like we are to bring in the top tallent. If the other clubs would just spend the money this could be right there with Seria A, La Liga and the EPL. I dont think that Bayern need to make so many changes as they do need to get more depth. Borowski is good to have for the fact that van Bommel is going to get the cards and miss games.

    Starting line-up:
    van Bommel------------Schweinsteiger

    Altintop-----------------------------Ze Roberto

    Other I would like to see:
    Klass-Jan Huntelaar
    Arjen Robben
    Ricardo Quarsema (A dream but dont see it happening)
    Samir Nasri (Him and Ribery together again on the outsides)
    Hernan Crespo (a great guy that would come of the bench)
    Vagner Love
    David Albelda
    RONALDINHO (HAHAHA, had to say it)

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> mulhim : This will never happen.

    To be honest, I wont sell Sagnol, since he costs nothing, beside, if he is able to recover his old self, he would be a stabilizer in defence on the right hand side. Lell and Jansen are too attacking minded with little defence skill there.

    Lucio is definitely staying, but I think we might need another central defender to really have a more reliable defence than this one now. Van Buyten should be going!

    More importantly, we need a real defensive midfielder to link the team, neither Van Bommel, Ze Roberto, nor Borowski is a real defensive midfielder. I hope that either De Rossi, Gattuso or Flamini is coming to us.

    We also need another creative midfielder to make our team less predictable, since most of the balls are going to pass to Ribery. Opponents can put 2 men on him and defend easily.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Err... De Rossi will absolutely gone to RM, I think...
    Gattuso is aging !
    Flamini will go to Milan or Juve !

    I am even DARE TO BET $ 500,000 for that !
    Anyone dare to bet that Gattuso, Flamini or De Rossi will go to bayern next season (2008 - 09) ??
    Even God is afraid to bet in this SURELY LOST bet !

    None of these player will go to bayern NEXT SEASON (maybe if their age is 40 yrs, of course its another story...)

    its too late now to started to try to recruit any good player !
    Every player will be DISGRACED to think about the prospect to became the player of the most pathetic loser team in the world !!!
    Its too late now... all we can get is just some noobs or another noobs again... (like Bommel when Ballack out ?)

    Sagnol ?
    hey... his morale is TOO LOW now to play in bayern !
    He is old, aging, and his prime time is pass out plus he is slow too !

    Lucio ?
    Wow why u are so dare to speak that LUCIO WILL DEFINITELY STAY ??? ( for next season 2008 - 09)
    Ever heard that Milan & Juve is very interested to hire his power ?
    I believe he will out next season (even he say that he is BORED to play in Bayern -> of course, there is no Europe title for Bayern for so many season since wonderful 2001)

    For me, DUMP :
    1. TONI
    2. RIBBERY
    3. SOSA
    6. ZR
    7. SAGNOL
    8. BOMMEL

    For 1 & 2, dump them when they still VALUABLE !
    For 3 - 8, they are aging or untalented or vainly talented player or very prone to injury !</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Kaizer, have you even watched a game before the one today becuase if it where not for Toni and Ribery this season we would have not made it this far in the Cup and may not even be in 1st in the league. Toni has 31 goals in all compatitions, that is a great number. Ribery set up so many goals and his play is what got the team going in most games. Also you say Altintop should leave, the guy was having a great season before his injury. I will admit Ribery had his worse game of the season, but that is maybe his only one this entire season. Toni, if he isnt given the ball he cant score, he had the ball at his feet maybe 2 times and not the greatest crosses to him. I think you have to be the only one to think we need to get rid of these 3 guys. I can understand you are pist, so am I, but we are not getting rid of them what so ever.

    Lucio- to offensive minded, and this is a guy for the past two years saying he wants to move else where.

    Sosa- just has not had one good game and has showed nothing worth keeping him.

    Ze Roberto- Good season but why not offer him to the MLS and get some money out of it, cuz the MLS would deffently pay for him.

    Schlaudraff- already going else where

    Kahn- the end of a great carrer, though ending with some disapointment.

    Possable Out:

    Lahm- He is the best LB in the world and dont want him to go, but if we have to Im ok with it as long as we get good $ from the move.

    Sagnol- I think he is staying and should be our Captain, but if he wants out I think we can find a replacement.

    van Bommel- The guy is getting older and just has not showd that he is one of th best DCM in the world, and tends to get us introuble with his cards.

    van Buyten- If Lucio does stay then he is the one to go, though I would like him to stay cuz he is a good CB of the bench.

    Metzelder- Not a lot of playing time with Real and would be a great guy to replace Lucio. Plus he knows how to play Klinsmann's game.

    Arjen Robben- The guy also is not getting a lot of time at Real and would be a great guy on the leftside and we could move Ribery to the right.

    Gattuso- This is the guy we need as our DCM, he is one of the best at his position in the world, plus its the Italian we need to keep Toni happy.

    Keller- I think he is the man to back up Rensing for a year or two till Kraft is good enough to be the back-up.

    Jozy Altidore- The kid is only 19 and is being looked at by clubs like AC Milan, Inter, Real and Barca. I think we can offer him more playing time, and is already getting a lot of international games in.

    Borowski- we know he is already coming and will be a good guy off the bench to hold games down.

    Joseph Ngwanya- I guess this is already done with Klinsmann and that is why he has only a one 1 contract in Austria so he can come right to Bayern in the summer to be our #4 ST.

    I deffently dont see Mancini coming here, what I do see is Klinsmann bringing in either an American or a MLS player. You guys are probably saying now way im an idiot, but something tells me he will and he will be our #4 striker. I also see us brining in an Italian 1st thing, and I see it being whatever one they can get in the midfield and them not really carring where in the midfield, and I think it will be Gattuso. Our back up GK will be either Schwarzer or Keller. This is not me dreaming this is what I see coming out of Klinsmann, some out of this world moves that make people ask why. Hey this is the guy that picked Lehmann over Kahn, and look what the two are doing now.

    Ribery is going no where any time soon, and everyone knows that, Chelsea can just keep dreaming. Why would we let another one of our players go to them, when we plan on kicking there a**** next season in the Champions League and maybe even in the Super Cup. So Chelsea look else where. Oh and if we where to give up Ribery it wouldnt be for Malouda, it would be for Lampard. Ribery is them man and will be a future footballer of the year, I just hope its with him still at Bayern.

    Hey Kaka is available for only 55mil, haha. I would realy like to see us bring in an Italian deffender though like Nesta or Oddo. Plus I think we are getting Schwarzer to be Rensings back up, if he doesnt want the job it looks like Klinsmann wants American Kasey Keller, even if the guy is 38. This should deffently be an interesting summer, with who will leave and who we fill those holes with.